San Francisco Opera talks about what it’s like to work with Packet Fusion

The problem with most tech vendors is that they believe what they read in their own brochures.

The truth is computers are human; code is emotional. Precisely because they were created by human beings. There is no one perfect solution. But there is one solution that outstrips all others in its flexibility, ease-of-deployment, and user-friendliness: ShoreTel.

How can we make such a bold claim? Because for over a decade, we’ve been designing and deploying ShoreTel unified communications solutions to do one thing: make our customers’ lives easier. We know how it’s made, what it can do, and what it enables.

Ultimately, our ability to serve customers relies as much on the technology we end up deploying as it does the questions we ask at the start. Such as, “what would you like to be doing better?” And “what are your business goals?”

The answers matter. They guide us in creating one-of-a kind solutions for our customers. It may be a ShoreTel on-premise system, or a ShoreTelSky cloud solution. We may pull from our portfolio of select data, networking, and conferencing products, as well. But once we have a customer up and running, our commitment does not change. We continue do everything we can to continue to make their lives easier.

This unique approach has freed our customers to grow their businesses, and has enabled us to do the same.