It's about people, not machines

The problem with most tech vendors is that they believe what they read in their own brochures.

The truth is computers are human. Code is emotional. Precisely because they were created by human beings. They're not perfect. All systems have weaknesses. You have to know your product well enough to understand its weaknesses and its strengths so as to build solutions that leverage one and skirt the other.

We sell ShoreTel. Because there is no enterprise-grade solution easier to deploy or manage. And we use it to enable a communications ecosystem that serves one purpose: making our customers' lives easier. This frees them to grow their businesses, and has enabled us to do the same.

We combine this kind of system mastery with a radically simple approach to problem-solving: we believe The Best Idea Wins. On any account, at any moment, any one of us—including a customer—might come up with it. We live by this: the best idea wins.

This is our genius. If you can call simply doing what's practical “genius.”