Summertime heat can cause your organization’s energy usage to spike. Keep your employee productivity humming along and your energy bills cool with these three tips.

  1. Use power-sipping phones. Do your IP phones have a sleep mode, where they automatically power down after a period of inactivity? Whether you choose ShoreTel’s cloud or on-premises solution, ShoreTel’s 400 series IP phones are power-friendly. With off-hours sleep mode, the 400 series automatically minimizes power to the phone and network connection and turns off the LCD during non-working hours. In idle mode, the phone’s LCD dims and power to the phone and network are lowered.
  2. Use virtualization for unified communications applications. Consolidating the physical servers and using virtualization to run unified communications, collaboration and other applications improves IT efficiency and cuts energy consumption. Using fewer, more powerful physical servers allows organizations to have the same or more computing power while energy use may drop by up to 75 percent.

    With ShoreTel 14.2, all ShoreTel UC components, including call control, SIP trunks and collaboration applications, can run in a virtual environment, including VMware. ShoreTel Mobility 8 can also run on VMware. And that means you can reduce the need for Voice Switches, which will deliver additional energy savings. Plus, virtualization complements ShoreTel’s distributed architecture and allows customers to benefit from ShoreTel’s N+1 redundancy to deliver high availability at the lowest cost. Using virtualization also allows customers to improve application availability and disaster recovery practices by taking advantage of features such as VMware High Availability and VMotion.

  3. Encourage employees to work from home more this summer. Nearly four in 10 employees already spend some time working remotely or in locations apart from their coworkers, according to a Gallup poll. Not only does working from home eliminate a fuel-guzzling commute, but research shows that employees work longer hours and are more engaged. And with tools like unified communications and web conferencing, it’s easier than ever to work from anywhere.

Reducing energy consumption is not only good for your power bills—it’s good for the environment too. ShoreTel’s on-premises phone system is designed to be efficient, from its distributed architecture that improves reliability and reduces the need for hardware, to its smart power designs for IP phones and switches. And ShoreTel Sky brings you powerful VoIP capabilities with the power, reliability and efficiency of the cloud.

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