What’s Your Customer Experience Maturity? Find Out Now.

What’s Your Customer Experience Maturity? Find Out Now. You’re Providing a Customer Experience – But What Kind?   Whether you sell a product, have a chain of stores, run a factory, or offer services, you’re already providing a customer experience (CX). Giving your end users the best possible CX can make all the difference. This […]


All too many companies assume the security of their systems and data are adequate until they’re hit with an attack, and by then, it’s too late. The results can be devastating. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small and medium businesses that are hacked go out of business after six months. To […]

Employee Satisfaction Is the Best Way to Get Customer Satisfaction

As a business leader, you know you want customer satisfaction.  And, in this complex, ever changing world, you may not know how to get it.  One thing is for certain, employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction. It makes sense when you think about it. Happy employees treat customers with more enthusiasm and more care. They […]

How Would Your Teams Like to Team Up?

The main driver behind personal computing has been to increase productivity. From the earliest Apple ][ and IBM PC to today’s fastest workstations and servers, it’s all about increasing profitability by improving productivity. At the same time, we have seen tremendous improvements in the ways we communicate which have driven a new definition of collaboration […]

Mitel Support

Mitel Cloud Connect

Mitel Cloud Connect We continue to be excited about Mitel MiCloud Connect, a unified communications system from Mitel, the trusted name in UCaaS (unified communications as a service), CCaaS (contact center as a service), desk phones, and other business productivity tools for the enterprise and small businesses. In fact, this versatile product delivers on multiple […]

shoretel phones

ShoreTel Phones

ShoreTel Phones Understanding Your ShoreTel Phones, Switches, Service, and Replacement Options As you review your business goals, if you need support for your legacy phones or if you’re considering an upgrade or update, Packet Fusion is here to help. And if you need assistance in understanding your ShoreTel (now Mitel) phone, switch, or other system […]

Bringing IT All Together

For many years, when people described companies like Packet Fusion as integrators, they were referring to combining hardware from many manufacturers with software from many providers to create superior solutions. Today’s integrators add value by combining cloud services and making them work well together. This provides tremendous latitude when planning more effective user experiences, in […]

Power to the People: The Changing Role of your IT Department

“Sorry, we’ve been busy putting out fires…” Tired of hearing this answer when you inquire about the progress on your latest request of the IT department in your company? You may be a big part of the solution. Enablement You’re an executive, a manager, perhaps a director. A highly competent human being capable of performing […]


All servers are in the cloud, leaving none in what was your data center. All users may be working from any of a large number of places on networks that you do not own, manage, or have visibility into. Data and network security are now your primary concerns. If this scenario does not currently describe […]


So, how’s your digital transformation going? If your immediate reaction is that you don’t have a digital transformation underway you may want to reconsider, since every one of your competitors are going digital. You’ve Already Had Many Digital Transformations! There’s a popular misconception that digital transformation is something new. We have been doing business transformation […]