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Packet Fusion holistically evaluates your current carrier solution to ensure your expenditures are accomplishing your business outcomes, saving you both time and money. When you work with Packet Fusion, we’ll draw on our experience and network to pinpoint where you can lower your bill and how you can secure better services for an affordable price.

Another advantage of partnering with Packet Fusion to find the best service provider is that your transition will be painless. Carrier solutions allow you to transfer the burden of researching and switching to a new carrier to our shoulders as we’ll do your shopping for you. Reduce the amount you pay for recurring expenses, and combine all services into one easy bill with Packet Fusion’s carrier solutions.

Choosing between MPLS and SD-WAN

Both MPLS and SD-WAN provide virtualized IP networks for unified communications. The industry trend has shifted to replacing MPLS infrastructure with SD-WAN networks due to SD-WAN’s quick installation, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits.

When it comes to helping your company proactively take advantage of new technology, Packet Fusion is your guide for navigating your options. You can rely on Packet Fusion’s expertise to determine if transitioning to SD-WAN can cut your expenses or whether it’s better to retain your current MPLS network.

Whether you use SD-WAN to support your contact center or continue to rely on MPLS to connect your offices, you’ll rest assured that your service provider aligns with your business goals.

Evaluate your MPLS and SD-WAN options with Packet Fusion

Transitioning from PRI to SIP

In response to technological changes, the federal government has mandated that carriers transition to a SIP infrastructure for customers. Starting in 2020, your business will no longer use the PRI model for telecommunications.

With Packet Fusion, you’ll gain expert insights to better understand this new requirement and the implications it has for selecting a service provider. We’ll help you navigate this change in a way that benefits your company and your budget, helping you transition now—vs. later.

Copper or Fiber?

Choosing the right service carrier can also mean making a decision between copper wiring or fiber optic lines for your network infrastructure. However making the best choice will depend on a number of factors, including your available carriers, your current business requirements, etc. For instance, some companies need the bandwidth capabilities of fiber optic lines, while copper is the better fit for others.

When your business is busy meeting customer demands, it can be a challenge to sort through your available providers and what they have to offer. At Packet Fusion, we’re here to help you determine which option is best for your bottom line and improves your unified communications and collaboration. Find a service provider with the infrastructure that serves your business objectives.

Simplify your choices. Let us locate the carrier with the most cost-effective solution.

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