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Our contact center experts can help you implement the right solution for you—we’ve been a leading provider of contact center solutions to businesses in Los Angeles for 20 years.

Your contact center solution is just as important as having well-trained customer service representatives (CSRs). Improving key performance indicators is easier when you put the right tools in the hands of CSRs, supervisors, and managers. Making the right strategic technology decision is central to assessing your agents’ KPIs as well as the overall health of your Los Angeles call center.

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Packet Fusion is the leading Los Angeles Contact Center Solution Provider

Whether you want to improve call routing or increase your company’s channels of communication, Packet Fusion can help you select the best technology for your needs.

Our goal is to empower you to serve your clients. Our team becomes a part of your team, and our goals are your goals—to make your customers happy. We are able to do this through three key capabilities that go beyond merely helping you select the right technology: targeted improvement, support for onboarding, and continuous training.

Targeted Improvement

We guide you on how to identify, analyze and interpret key metrics, so you can make precise, effective improvements.

Support for Onboarding

When your CSRs are well-trained in the technology, they are able to deliver better customer service that improves satisfaction and your metrics.

Continuous Training

Training is an on-going effort, and we are here to provide you with new agent training through monthly online seminars, as well as one-on-one training when needed.

The end result? Better customer satisfaction

When you have better data, better training, and better queuing, you will reduce wait times, dropped calls and other service issues.

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Highlights of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second most populous city and metro area in the US and is the heart of Southern California. Los Angeles county sprawls between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, and includes 90 incorporated cities and two of the Channel Islands, San Clemente and Santa Catalina.

Knowing Los Angeles today, it might be surprising to learn that it was once seen to lack the essential elements of a city, like a natural harbor. However, the climate, which is semiarid, is an attraction. Los Angeles is protected from desert heat by a range of mountains, and it’s far enough south to avoid the North Pacific winter storms.

Microclimates dot the Los Angeles area, so temperatures from one suburb to another vary widely. In July, the temperature at the Santa Monica Pier might not exceed 75 degrees, while only 15 miles away the highs could exceed 95 degrees. Either way, the total hours of sunshine in a year are over 3,000, with an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day in July.

Los Angeles is one of the most diverse regions in the country, with the status of a minority-majority state, meaning the combined population of minorities exceeds the majority population. It also has the largest Hispanic and Native American Population of any county in the country. The other groups making up the diverse population include Asian, African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Armenians, Assyrians and Iranians, and many live in enclaves like Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Koreatown or Chinatown. Los Angeles is diverse also in language (more than 90 languages are spoken by residents) and in religious groups represented.

Historically, Los Angeles hosted many of the leading industries of the early 20th century like ship building, steel production, oil production and auto assembly. Today’s economy is diverse, with businesses in many industries, including technology, manufacturing, and, of course entertainment.

In 1910 there were 10 movie companies operating in the city, and by 1921 more than 80 percent of world’s film industry was located here. Today, tens of billions of dollars are generated by the entertainment industry, and several hundred thousand people are employed by it. About half the films shot in the US are shot in Hollywood.

But it’s the service sector that makes up the biggest part of the economy: trade and tourism, retail, restaurants, hotels, government agencies, schools and colleges.

The weather and location makes Los Angeles a natural host to sporting events and teams of all kinds. As early as 1932, the professional baseball team the Dodgers arrived from New York, and in 1958 the Lakers basketball team came from Minnesota. Other professional sports teams include the Rams and Chargers (football) the Angels (baseball), ice hockey teams the Kings and Ducks, and soccer teams the LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC. Add to that the college teams from UCLA, USC and dozens of smaller schools and there is no shortage of teams to watch.

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