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Our contact center experts can help you implement the right solution for you—we’ve been a leading provider of contact center solutions to businesses in San Jose CA for 20 years.

Your contact center solution is just as important as having well-trained customer service representatives (CSRs). Improving key performance indicators is easier when you put the right tools in the hands of CSRs, supervisors, and managers. Making the right strategic technology decision is central to assessing your agents’ KPIs as well as the overall health of your San Jose CA call center.

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Packet Fusion is the leading San Jose CA Contact Center Solution Provider

Whether you want to improve call routing or increase your company’s channels of communication, Packet Fusion can help you select the best technology for your needs.

Our goal is to empower you to serve your clients. Our team becomes a part of your team, and our goals are your goals—to make your customers happy. We are able to do this through three key capabilities that go beyond merely helping you select the right technology: targeted improvement, support for onboarding, and continuous training.

Targeted Improvement

We guide you on how to identify, analyze and interpret key metrics, so you can make precise, effective improvements.

Support for Onboarding

When your CSRs are well-trained in the technology, they are able to deliver better customer service that improves satisfaction and your metrics.

Continuous Training

Training is an on-going effort, and we are here to provide you with new agent training through monthly online seminars, as well as one-on-one training when needed.

The end result? Better customer satisfaction

When you have better data, better training, and better queuing, you will reduce wait times, dropped calls and other service issues.

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Highlights of San Jose CA

San Jose is a city in the San Francisco’s Bay Area, California. It is the seat of government of the Santa Clara County. The city is located along the rivers of Coyote and Guadalupe in the south end of the San Francisco Bay. It is presently the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the third largest city in the state of California. San Jose is also considered as the “Capital of the Silicon Valley” as it is home to numerous tech companies which will be enumerated later.

Before white people came to what is now known as San Jose, Ohlone American Indians used to live here along a river that is now called Guadalupe. The Indians lived in huts made from grasses. Around the 18th century, a group of Spanish conquistadores, led by Juan Bautista de Anza, arrived. In an effort to control the Indian population, the Spaniards started building missions just like they did in many present-day cities and towns around California. In this case they founded the Mission Santa Clara near the Guadalupe River. However, because the place was often flooded, the mission was moved quite a lot of times. The Spaniards also erected what are called presidios — fortresses that were built to protect them from hostile American Indians, enemy colonists, and pirates.

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