PureCloud (now called Genesys Cloud), is an all-in-one solution that brings together information from chat, video and phone calls throughout your organization. With PureCloud you can predict and understand customer issues, before they escalate, and your agents have an interface that makes finding solutions easier and more efficient. Genesys Cloud integrates with CRM tools so you get a complete picture of the customer.

PureCloud Customer Self Service

Enable customers to resolve their own service needs through speech-enabled IVR, voicebots, chatbots, and more. These self service tools are all fully integrated so customers have a cohesive experience and agents have context for any interaction so they can provide better service.

Speech-enabled IVR technology
Through natural language understanding (NLU) customers can interact with your IVR in a way that feels natural—and it can connect with voicebots, microapps and back end systems. It lets you eliminate those confusing, hierarchical menus, enabling customers to simply speak in a natural way and be guided in the right direction.

Voicebots and chatbots
Conversational voicebots understand natural language and helps figure out what the customer needs and why they have contacted you. Customers begin y self-selecting through common questions, then get passed to a live agent if the problem needs a human touch or is complex. They also give you an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell.
Chatbots work hand-in hand with all communication channels to empower customers and deliver faster resolution while reducing the need to increase the number of agents to meet rising demand.

PureCloud Digital Channels

Email is integrated into the omnichannel experience, so you are able to easily set up appropriate auto responses and, based on content analysis, automatically route email to the right person or group.

With SMS and messaging apps, you retain conversations forever, without losing context and content. Co-browsing and screen sharing make interactions easier and helps agents resolve questions or problems faster.

PureCloud Voice Services

Genesys Cloud Voice gives you public telephony access to any Genesys Cloud services you subscribe to. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) enables you to use your preferred local or cloud carrier or establish a new one—whichever fits your needs.

Our simple web interface makes it easy and straightforward to purchase, provision and manage your cloud voice services, anytime, anywhere.

Unified Communications

Your teams don’t have to be bound by location or hardware, with web-based unified communications, softphone and native mobile apps that keep your workforce engaged no matter where they are working from.

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