Elastic Workforce: Empowering Customer-Driven Contact Centers

Flexibly adapt to and meet the demands of your customers.

Gain an Elastic Workforce

The Elastic Workforce Management Solution

Even with highly trained agents, contact centers can experience long wait times, abandoned calls, and other poor metrics for one simple reason—there aren’t enough customer service representatives (CSRs) to meet the demands of customers.

With an elastic workforce, contact center managers can ensure metrics and service levels don’t suffer because business is booming. A modern contact center solution enables organizations to leverage a flexible workforce management model. When consumer demands are high, incorporate remote workers into your team for increased support. When inbound communication return to normal levels, use your contact center technology to reduce the number of agents.

Packet Fusion provides the most effective contact center solutions and tailored support. We start with gathering data on your business objectives to introduce you to the right elastic workforce technology. We’ll also ensure your remote workers have strong KPIs with metric analysis and customizable training.

Signs It’s Time to Transition

When the benefits of a flexible workforce match your business objectives, it’s time to make the transition to a modern contact center. Here are several indicators:

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Managing Remote CSRs

When CSRs are located thousands of miles from on-site offices, it’s vital that you retain your ability to manage your remote team. With the right technology and training support, you can ensure your elastic workforce meets the standards of your business.

Continuous Agent Management

Today’s contact center technology ensures customer needs are matched with the right CSRs. And key reports—combined with insightful analysis—can determine important KPIs for each representative, even when they work remotely. From measuring wrap-up times to determining the number of rings before an agent responds, distance won’t hinder your role as a contact center manager. Find support for remote agent management.

Monitored Workgroup Performance

Your agents may be scattered across the country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ensure workgroup performance. Your contact center solution enables you to generate reports on your remote workgroup to gauge efficiency. When KPIs indicate your team needs additional training, you’ll find diagnostic expertise and group-specific support with Packet Fusion. Improve workgroup performance for your company.

The Ultimate Goal of an Elastic Workforce Management Tool

Every elastic workforce solution has one goal—increasing customer satisfaction.   When you choose to leverage a flexible contact center model, you help your business stay responsive to the needs of customers while keeping costs down.


Whether you decrease wait times or provide callbacks to customers, an elastic workforce powered by advanced technology helps you serve customers proactively.

With Packet Fusion’s support, you can further empower remote workers to improve customer satisfaction. Our expertise helps you incorporate callback features, messages that offer FAQs and your website link, as well as other self-service options.

Combined together, these benefits enable you to accelerate contact center services to a new level.

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Our Elastic Workforce Promise

We understand that supporting your elastic workforce means one thing—helping temporary agents effectively respond to calls, emails, chat messages, and the plethora of communication that comes their way.

To do this, we provide technological guidance, metric analysis, and customizable support for your remote team. When the performance of your elastic workforce begins to mirror the service of existing agents, we know customer satisfaction isn’t far behind.

Helping you serve your customers is our promise to you.

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