Cut Communication Costs with UCaaS

Unified Communications as a Service

Combine your phone system with internet-based communications all managed for you by experts and think of all the ways you’ll save. Eliminate all your Capital investments (CapEx). No more buying and managing boxes and devices. Convert them to an Operating Expense (OpEx) and put the management overhead on someone else allowing you to focus on your core business. No more managing multiple Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) circuits such as ISDN/ PRI. All worldwide PSTN connections go away and all numbers are now managed by a single cloud UCaaS provider. The costs then become a fixed cost as all the calling charges are baked into the monthly price vs. variable pricing experienced with the PSTN.

Unified Communications. Everybody communicates all the time. Nothing happens unless people are communicating. When you unify the various ways in which people can communicate, bringing together text messaging, voice, video, screen sharing, whiteboarding, conferencing and more, you make it far easier and far more flexible for people to communicate in the most effective way possible. That should be expensive, right?

UCaaS Saves Money…in Many Ways!

It may seem counterintuitive but there really are tremendous savings to be enjoyed by implementing unified communications. Many executives have lost interest in hearing about “soft” cost savings such as “increased productivity” or “higher efficiency.” They can’t readily quantify these, and they need to be able to show hard dollars-and-cents savings to their stakeholders.
Consider this list of quantifiable, hard dollar operational savings available from UCaaS:

  • Eliminate capital investments in hardware and software to build multiple systems for voice, video, data, and telephony.
  • Because legacy PSTN networks are not shared across locations, you are paying for a ton of excess capacity you are not using. You only pay for what you use with UCaaS.
  • Security compliance is now managed by the UCaaS/CCaaS provider.
  • Eliminate metered telephony for both local and international.
  • Reduce global mobile communication costs.
  • No need to manage multiple worldwide PSTN carriers.
  • No need to manage multiple worldwide hardware support providers.
  • Reduce production time and speed time-to-value through new collaboration capabilities.
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of building, powering, housing, cooling and maintaining many systems.
  • Reduce or eliminate travel costs due to collaboration tools now available.
  • Reduce or eliminate travel costs due to not having to be on site to maintain hardware.

You Know UCaaS Will Save You Money when…

Your company has many offices

The more offices your company has, the more UCaaS will save you.  To accurately calculate how much, simply consult your bills for phone services to calculate how much you spend on traditional PSTN/SIP circuits as this cost goes away 100% with UCaaS. With the entire company on UCaaS, all those internal calls are conducted over your data network or the Internet with no variable costs incurred.

You have many people in the field who need to keep in touch with each other and HQ

Whether you have dozens of field personnel, hundreds, or even thousands they are all becoming more and more dependent upon their smartphones and tablets to keep in touch.  In the past they have called each other by dialing on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and you’ve paid for each and every call. With UCaaS they will call, share instant messages, see each other on video and share applications and content all across your data network and the Internet with no additional costs!

Your people travel extensively

In a global economy people are often called upon to host and/or attend meetings and conferences or make sales or customer service calls in far-flung parts of the world.  Travel costs mount up quickly.

Video/Collaboration/Teleconferencing with UCaaS incurs no additional charges, and non-UCaaS users are included through a convenient web interface. One must evaluate the time saved by not traveling. There are hard costs associated with traveling and time is money.

Your teams collaborate on projects

Creating a document in many companies can take weeks.  First, someone writes a draft.  That draft is then passed from one person to the next. With UCaaS everyone on the team is looking at the same document at the same time, making their edits and comments simultaneously and discussing their changes with each other, developing the final product all together all at once as a team.

You’re ready to replace your PBX

Anyone who has ever been responsible for managing their company’s phone switch knows how difficult it is to make changes, and how much it costs to maintain, manage, and constantly update it.  Updates also mean down time. Down time in this day and age? Not with most UCaaS providers. Properly configured, UCaaS replaces the PBX with a highly flexible software solution that scales easily and adapts readily to any changing environment. Simply stop paying for MPLS or PTSN connection charges between your locations.

Customers, suppliers, and other associates use UCaaS

UCaaS creates a private network but also allows you to connect or “federate” with other companies that use UCaaS.  You can add the cost of calling any and all of them last year to next year’s UCaaS savings! This is due to the calls now being fixed on a monthly basis per users and most communications now happen over collaboration and not one-to-one through a phone call.   When you have meetings utilizing the collaboration piece of the UCaaS solution there is no charge for all parties involved.

Perhaps most impressive is that all this enhanced ability to communicate and collaborate is available to the smallest companies or the largest without need for heavy initial investments. Users can be subscribed to the service for dollars per user per month using cloud-based UCaaS solutions.

How UCaaS Cuts Communication Costs

When you unify various communication services into one singular infrastructure, you eliminate a great deal of duplication.

Eliminate capital investments in hardware and software to build multiple systems for voice, video, data, and telephony

The same network that transports, stores, and protects your data will also transport your voice, video, and other data types.  Not only do you eliminate all the telephone cable and coaxial video cable, you also eliminate the need for the equipment those cables connect to.

Reduce or eliminate the cost of building many systems

Building each of those networks is an expensive proposition unto itself, not to mention upgrading and refreshing each system every few years to keep them operating reliably.

Reduce or eliminate the cost of security compliance

Whether you have to comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, etc. let the UCaaS provider handle all of the compliance issues. Free up your team to manage the compliance process vs. the physical compliance environment.

Reduce or eliminate the cost of powering many systems

You can approximate that every server, every storage device, switches, routers, and every other piece of equipment used to build each of your current networks will cost approximately $1,000 per year to power. Even if you conservatively estimate half of that, imagine reducing your company’s electric bill by two-thirds or more. That’s a significant cost reduction that saves you money every year.

Reduce or eliminate the cost of housing many systems

Whatever number of devices you were powering to run various data, voice, video and other networks, you needed substantial space to house them. Start thinking about how to repurpose all that space now that you won’t need most of it any longer.

Reduce or eliminate the cost of cooling many systems

Computer equipment that is powered must also be kept cool at a cost from $500 to $1,000 per year to maintain proper air conditioning in your data center.

Reduce or eliminate the cost of maintaining many systems

You won’t need to maintain equipment you no longer have.

Reduce or eliminate travel costs

Once your people are regularly speaking with each other via UCaaS with its voice, video, and application collaboration capabilities, the next leap in savings comes when they no longer need to travel extensively to hold “face-to-face” meetings.  Many companies have eliminated travel almost entirely.

Eliminate internal telephony and data transfer costs

Especially for companies that operate from many locations, the cost of interoffice calling, faxing, email and other data transport between offices can run between one-third to half of annual telephone and data costs.  Once your voice, video, data, and all other data types are running across the same network all of these additional costs are eliminated.

Reduce global mobile communication costs

UCaaS enables people from all over the world to leverage the global Internet to conduct videoconferencing, share applications and collaborate, or simply reach out to each other without heavy tariffs or expensive specialized services. All this on a simple to use app on your Smartphone.

Reduce production time and speed time-to-value through new collaboration capabilities

When users scattered across the country or around the world can all work together simultaneously on the same project all the delays are removed. The company becomes nimble, more agile, taking faster action to win more often.

Cut Communication Costs with UCaaS

You have every good reason to explore the tremendous savings available from implementing UCaaS for your organization. Begin that exploration with Packet Fusion’s experts in telecom consulting, cloud migration and call center management. We offer solutions from the best-known providers in the industry, like Mitel (now incorporating ShoreTel) the industry leader in UCaaS and SD WAN solutions. Let’s get together to calculate how much you can save.

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