Mitel Hardware Planned Price Adjustments – Coming 4/15/2022

We knew it was going to happen someday, and now we know (approximately) when. Mitel has announced that the MiVoice Connect product will be phased out by the end of the decade.

That may sound like a lot of time, so why bother to take action now? Though the broad communication of these dates has not been released to the public yet, Packet Fusion is a top Mitel partner, so here’s what we know about the dates of the phase-out:

  • At the most basic level, you need to have a plan to get off of the Mitel MiVoice Connect system
  • The end of sale for all new systems will be at the end of next year, 2023
  • The end of add-on sales is the end of 2024 or 2025 (Mitel has shared that this is ‘TBD’)
  • And most importantly, Mitel’s end of technical support is the last day of this decade, Dec. 31, 2029

Today, there is still support and there are updates happening for MiVoice Connect. The latest update, 19.2 SP3, includes OS updates, security updates, updates with regard to 911 concerns, and more. But with the news that the end is coming, we advise you not to wait until the timing gets tight.

Work with us to take advantage of this advance news. We’ll help you:

  • Evaluate your needs
  • Create a plan that is best for your organization
  • Help you execute that plan

If it makes sense, we recommend moving your communications to the cloud. We are confident that we can help you capitalize on the changes that are coming as you transform your business communications and collaboration capabilities.

If you still need to get a couple of more years out of your Mitel Connect system, Packet Fusion is here for you, and we are still committed to providing excellent service on the Mitel Connect System.

To get started on the evaluation, the plan, and a move from Mitel MiVoice Connect to what’s best – including the cloud – please contact us to discuss.

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