Harness Millennials’ Preference for Video Interactions for Better Collaboration

Your business signed on early to the BYOD trend. Your developers think “mobile first” when they’re writing new apps. Heck, your company even is equipping its on-site cafeteria with POS systems that accept Apple Pay.

While these all are big steps to becoming a millennial-friendly workplace, you may be missing out on other equally important opportunities. That includes taking greater advantage of the younger workforce’s affinity for video chat and collaboration tools in their social lives to improve business operations, as well as building an attractive workplace for top talent.

Consider these prospects:

  1. Enhance communications among staff, partners and customers. Not every interaction with clients or colleagues requires a trip across state lines or the corporate campus. Using video chat for spontaneous face-to-face communications can be more effective than email and phone calls to manage everyday, in-house operational issues or respond to routine queries from buyers, suppliers or distributors. After all, gestures and facial expressions are as important to human communications as the words we say—maybe more so. Given that, leveraging video for even off-the-cuff engagements can be a big plus when it comes to quickly making decisions or ensuring that answers to questions have hit home.
  2. Keep engagement levels high. Multitasking is part of millennial DNA, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some studies show that done right, multitasking can increase productivity. Yet there are times when it’s important that all employees stay focused on the discussion at hand, even if they’re not all in the same room. When staffers attend a meeting via video conference rather than phone, they’re more likely to be conscious that their activities are on display, so it’s less likely that their attention will wander to another item on the to-do list.
  3. Stand out from competitors to wrangle next-gen talent. Millennials are expected to make up half the workforce in the next few years, and clearly you want to draw the best and the brightest of them to your doorstep. Doing so means tapping into the benefits they want from an employer—and we don’t just mean vacation packages and bonuses. According to youth-focused, research-based consumer insights company Intelligence Group, the majority of millennials want a collaborative work-culture rather than a competitive one; want flexible work schedules; and desire work-life integration. A company that leans heavily on video chat and collaboration tools can be appealing to younger workers, as these systems provide mobility and flexible work spaces without compromising an employee’s abilities to be connected to colleagues.

While millennials will enjoy being able to bring their video chat and collaboration skills to the workspace, it’s of course important to ensure that older workers get as much value out of the technology as their younger colleagues.

To increase adoption of video chat and collaboration among workers of all ages, choose technology that enables teams to engage in point-to-point and multiparty connections on the devices of their choice—from smartphones to tablets to desktops—with single-click ease. ShoreTel is able to lend a helping hand here, giving your enterprise the best approach to implementing video connectivity underpinned by a unified communications network that allows for seamless, face-to-face online interactions.

With ShoreTel unified communications and collaborations solutions in place, your employees will be set for screen time in no time.

Matt Pingatore

As CEO of Packet Fusion, Matt sets the tone and vision for our company and our customers. His 20+ years in telephony gives him a deep understanding of unified communications and collaboration technology. He is an engaging presenter and has a knack for breaking down the often over complicated VoIP technologies into plain and simple English. Outside of PFI, Matt’s happy place is on the golf course or on a bike ride with his daughters.

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