Grow Your Business with Packet Fusion’s IT Specialists

Give your team back the valuable time that is often consumed when having to implement and maintain voice equipment. When you partner with Packet Fusion, our experts will efficiently manage and maintain your unified communications systems and networking equipment.

At Packet Fusion, we know that overseeing a thriving business requires keeping all telecommunications running smoothly. But many times, your IT staff is busy executing tasks that are necessary for business operations but don’t fuel business growth. Instead of engaging in future-oriented tasks, your IT department can easily become involved installing inconvenient software upgrades or troubleshooting network challenges.

When you work with Packet Fusion, our IT support team will help your overcome this challenge. Our levels of service are tailored for different business requirements, allowing you to choose the most effective option. With managed services, our team works in conjunction with your IT department to make them more strategic in moving your business forward.

How Managed Services Can Empower Your IT Department

Levels of IT Support We Offer

Whether you need to conduct routine maintenance or to outsource all your unified communications, Packet Fusion offers a spectrum of services. We understand that some companies only need assistance with repairs while others prefer complete management for the hardware and software of their telephony system.

To meet this wide range of preferences, we’ve created different tiers of IT support that scale how involved we are in managing your telecommunications system. Browse our options below to find the managed service option with the level of support you need.


Level 1: Support

Level 1 provides a support agreement that keeps your unified communications running smoothly. In addition to seeing your software stays up-to-date, we’ll also take responsibility for ensuring your hardware and software operates as expected. Gain peace-of-mind by outsourcing the nuisance of yearly upgrades and technological repairs to Packet Fusion.


Level 2: Augment

Level 2 augments your existing IT department with Packet Fusion’s specialists. Our IT support experts will work alongside your employees, meshing so completely that your customers won’t tell the difference. Watch us seamlessly blend into your existing staff, providing IT services where you need them most.


Level 3: Replace

Level 3 allows you to completely outsource your telephony department. With this package, Packet Fusion takes on the role your IT department, enabling you to decrease expenditures while securing the technological support you need. Enjoy newfound freedom and efficiency in business operations when Packet Fusion becomes your IT staff.


Level 4: Outsource

Level 4 enables you to outsource all unified communications to Packet Fusion. Using co-location, we’ll take ownership of all UC systems and infrastructure so you can completely focus on meeting the needs of your customers. Outsourcing your telephony system and network responsibilities, allows you to pursue new business goals.

We do IT so you don’t have to. Discover freedom and financial savings with Packet Fusion’s managed services.

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