Introduction to Mitel MiCloud

Mitel’s superior phone system product Mitel MiCloud is an end-to-end platform for business phones users.

When you plan your phone system upgrade, whether on-premises or in the cloud, consider your end user. Do some digging to establish if they need better voice and collaboration capabilities. If you find that they do, treat them to the communications service that they deserve, Mitel MiCloud business.

Mitel MiCloud for Your Business

Packet Fusion helps you ramp up your team’s productivity with industry-leading Mitel MiCloud. MiCloud enables you to replace more traditional business tools with public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud communications. Your employees get a great collaboration system and are more able to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You will also get to improve your return on investment as you reduce costs.

Choose Your MiTel Plan

Select a Mitel MiCloud plan to access unlimited minutes per month.

Mitel MiCloud Connect Features:

Mitel MiCloud Connect features include phone system capabilities like call transfers and paging, as well as Voice over IP (VoIP), and video conferencing.

Mitel MiCloud Connect VoIP

If you select the Mitel MiCloud platform, you’ll have access to the services and features you would expect from VoIP technology including:

  • transfers
  • forwarding
  • paging
  • routing
  • call management

Your team will have the convenience of placing calls on hold or picking them up via an extension.

You can also review your recent call details and return those calls via one click. Also, phone routing lets you transfer calls to your desk phone, mobile app, personal number, or softphone.

Mitel MiCloud Video Conferencing

Mitel MiCloud Connect audio and video service features enable you to share your screen with the people on your conference. You can track your meeting agenda and also check in using a single button.

MiCloud Connect lets you add meeting attendees, mute those individuals you do not wish to hear, and more through the participation management feature. The number of participants you could include varies from about four to 100, depending on the plan that you select.

If you choose this business service platform, you’ll be able to quickly access your voicemails via single-click functionality, or have your messages transcribed and sent to your Mitel MiCloud mailbox for call transcripts when you need them.

For companies with many employees, you can also use your business office phone system services to view and group your contacts, or star your favorites for quick dialing.

Mitel MiCloud Team

Your Mitel MiCloud Team function provides what you would expect from an industry-leader. Its collaborative web, business phone, and mobile applications empower your MiCloud Connect team users. The integrated tools deliver real-time instant messaging, collaborative team workspaces, business SMS, mobile capabilities, and desktop sharing. It’s a collaboration extravaganza for your business.

MiCloud Connect Contact Center

Mitel MiCloud Connect Contact Center is a hosted call center that provides enterprise, cloud-ready features to power your customer-centric organization. MiVoice Connect Contact Center empowers you to deliver customer service the way your customers communicate today, and can change with your business for tomorrow.

Access user features for your team via the user-friendly web interface that is also friendly for your IT administrators. Agents will appreciate rapid access to the data they need to provide outstanding customer service. You will appreciate the collaboration tools and services that improve productivity and deliver ROI for your business.

Plus, supervisors can review data on the number and length of phone calls for employees. This helps for the assignment of project work in the office or call center, as some employees remain on calls longer to deliver excellence, while others move quickly through calls.

Get the Most from MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect’s communication tools makes it easy to implement. It is also user-friendly and enables your admins to manage your users and network, and to evolve over time. By combining this intuitive user experience and the kinds of flexible service plans, enhanced by Google Cloud for reliability, MiCloud Connect gives you the simple, secure cloud communications and collaboration system you have been searching for.

Your MiCloud Connect Features

Available for your PC, Mac, iOS, and Android users, MiCloud Connect offers industry-standard and specialized features including:

  • An easy-to-use client for your settings, call controls, chats, and events
  • Intuitive call and video conferencing with web sharing
  • Built-in VPN
  • Individual and group chat
  • Team collaboration workspaces
  • Business-level SMS
  • Native integrations with top CRM and calendaring apps
  • Dialing via softphone or web
  • Mobile-first design
  • Integrated contact center
  • IP desk phones
Mitel Connect


User Favorites

The MiCloud Connect desktop application is a user favorite for its softphone/deskphone interface. The integrated contacts and ability to search by name functions deliver satisfaction, with no more need for contact list printouts. The easy-to-see icons on the client offer ease in transferring, conferencing, and passing calls to a cell phone.

The Google Chrome plugin allows for quick and easy calls and contacts when connected with an IP-based CRM system, offering a workflow improvement over wired phone connections.

Google Cloud Delivers

MiCloud Connect is built on the platform that powers many of today’s trusted tools and is backed by Google Cloud’s secure, reliable, scalable framework. That means you get the industry-standard uptime and compliance that your business can depend on.

Connect From Anywhere

As more employees work from home, the office, or a combination, meet the demands of today’s hybrid work style with the right tools. Your complete business communications solution, MiCloud Connect gives you voice and video, with collaboration and contact center capabilities built in. With ease of use and the mobile-first user experience in mind, Mitel MiCloud Connect allows your teams to work efficiently and productively from anywhere. The full-featured collaboration and communication solution helps users to work more efficiently and productively no matter their location. Focusing on ease-of-use and the mobile work style capitalized on streamlined features and intuitive interfaces so your users can easily interact with each other and your customers and not have to focus on making their system software work.

Here Today, Growth Tomorrow

The flexible service plans available for MiCloud Connect give you the ability to select the industry leading system that is right for your company today and change or add functionality, team members, or upgrade permissions as your business needs change tomorrow.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Mitel?

When you’re ready to discuss your business phone system needs, Packet Fusion is here to help. As your trusted advisors, we can help you purchase and implement Mitel MiCloud. Give us a call today at 650.292.6005 for sales support.

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