The Impact of Mitel’s Acquisition on ShoreTel Users

Tech Talk with CEO, Matt Pingatore

What is Mitel’s plan for the ShoreTel product?  Is a forklift upgrade required to take advantage of the future offerings?  Do you have to discard your investment in your ShoreTel solution to transition to the cloud? What is the roadmap for product cinnovation at Mitel?

Now that the acquisition dust has settled, our customers are wondering how this shift to Mitel will impact their business. I thought it’d be helpful to hear some perspective on the impact of the Mitel’s acquisition, and what the new product roadmap means to the ShoreTel user base. Packet Fusion remains dedicated to providing the best highly sophisticated software combined with the simplicity of technology that ShoreTel offered. And, we are happy to report that we believe your existing investment has a compelling roadmap going forward.

The Impact of the Digital Transformation on Your Communication

The age of digital transformation has created a modern office that gives businesses the ability to create collaborative teams that work from any location as a result of cloud-based applications, mobility and collaboration tools. Mitel and other phone manufacturers are racing to provide customers with productivity tools and business analytics to enable you to get so much more from your business phone investment.  We know that as businesses continue to leverage private and public cloud options to provide for a more elastic and remote workforce, the best manufacturers will find innovative, yet simpler ways to meet employee and customer demands.

Is there a Smooth Transition to the Cloud and will Mitel provide it?

Communications technology is changing rapidly. Unified Communications represents a big step forward from VoIP, as the focus shifts from business communication to business connectivity.  Many businesses perceive they must make the move to the cloud to access additional communication and collaboration features.

We posed this question to the Mitel Product Development team and their response was encouraging. They acknowledged that they would continue to focus on both the heritage Mitel and ShoreTel platforms, stating “these products are still our flagship offerings in our market”.  To help businesses make a smoother transition to the cloud, Mitel is working on a “bridge” called Cloud Link that allows ShoreTel Connect* users to continue to use their business communication systems with access to cloud-based products such as advanced applications and mobility without having to discard what they currently have in place today. * ShoreTel Connect is the release that followed 14.2. [Read other reviews about Cloud Link.]

Expect a “Migration Link” to the Cloud

Mitel, like all other communication providers, is working to transition from a Call Control Manufacturer to a Value-Add Application provider. What used to be one-size fits all approach to voice communication and collaboration is now a race to add greater flexibility. Custom applications that fit individual working environments will give you the flexibility to do it your way. A new link is emerging that bridges the gap between legacy or traditional on-premises systems, making them cloud capable over time without having to discard their current investment. 

Today Mitel has built their R&D cycles around three key elements:

  • CloudLink Gateway– enabling Onsite Cloud Control to leverage applications in the Cloud. The benefit to you is simple, you maintain control of your entire business voice infrastructure while being able to leverage advanced applications in the cloud.
  • CloudLink Applications – an online library of applications customers can use to enhance their everyday functions. This platform gives Mitel users the power to create their own applications for vertical or customer specific use.
  • Office Link (tailored to small businesses) and designed to take the power that MiCollaboration brings to the table while giving businesses only what they need so that you only pay for what you use.

It should be noted that Cloudlink is still in development.  The anticipated release date is June 1, 2018. Mitel Cloudlink’s broad portfolio is underscored by key ShoreTel solutions including ShoreTel Connect ONSITE and ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, now rebranded as MiVoice Connect and MiCloud Connect.

We believe this roadmap demonstrates Mitel’s ability to predict changes that will impact how we communicate and how quickly we migrate to the cloud. The portfolio provides choice and flexibility to deliver to you the best path to the cloud, giving you migration path options that have not been available to date.

ShoreTel to Mitel Product Name Transition

What’s in store for ShoreTel Customers?

First of all, on-going, never-ending support from the team at Packet Fusion!

Mitel has committed to continue supporting heritage ShoreTel products. You can make no change and still be safe with your investment in ShoreTel Connect. Mitel’s roadmap is underscored by ShoreTel Connect technology. You can expect support and future enhancement as long as you are under a support agreement with Packet Fusion (or other partners).

Not familiar with Connect? Set your mind at rest….
Many of our customers have yet to upgrade to ShoreTel Connect. Packet Fusion is just beginning to transition our customer base from ShoreTel 14.2 to Connect. Expect to hear more from us about our upgrade plan.

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Moving to the cloud isn’t a fit for every business
Be assured that Mitel has committed R&D on the Connect Platform for future on-premise features and productivity applications. Even if you do nothing, your ShoreTel solution will continue to perform. We believe a move to the cloud should depend on your business needs, not on what is being peddled by any given vendor.

Packet Fusion can help you get most out of your ShoreTel investment.

If you have questions about how the Mitel roadmap impacts your ShoreTel solution specifically, let us know how we can help.

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