Mitel Cloud Connect

Mitel Cloud Connect

We continue to be excited about Mitel MiCloud Connect, a unified communications system from Mitel, the trusted name in UCaaS (unified communications as a service), CCaaS (contact center as a service), desk phones, and other business productivity tools for the enterprise and small businesses. In fact, this versatile product delivers on multiple levels in a variety of ways.

The Mitel MiCloud Connect Difference

Simple to deploy, with pricing that is easy to understand, and with flexible licensing, deploying Mitel MiCloud ensures that you will not overpay for the system aspects that your business doesn’t use. Plus, you can change and evolve your solution if your business needs change.

Work from Anywhere

Depending on the needs of your workforce, MiCloud Connect provides employees access to the tools to enable them to work from anywhere with Mitel MiCloud Connect. It is easy to access team members via their desk phone, mobile phone (there’s an app for that).


Remember, when you use Mitel MiCloud Connect, you get all of the phone and cloud collaboration features that will provide your team members and contact center users with the cloud productivity that they’re looking for.

Client Events

With the MiCloud Connect cloud application intuitive interface you can initiate a call, video conference, web sharing, record calls, raise your hand, mute yourself or all, and add a participant – all from your phone, app, or desktop.

Contact Timeline

You can also view your contact timeline to review communications that happened in the past with other, individual coworkers, filtering by messages and calls as needed. Get in touch fast with the people and groups you interact with frequently with favorites, and use the event wizard to schedule calls and conferences, add presenters, agendas, invitations, and more.


You can connect to Outlook, Google Workplace, and ICS calendars, and all without the need for a VPN.

Contact Center

Agents get an easy, intuitive interface that allows them to connect seamlessly with customers. Chat for agents is fully integrated, as multiple interactions are handled with ease. Profile information for callers is clear and there are actionable and performance statistics delivered to a single pane of glass.

Your End-to-End Cloud Communications Solution

MiCloud Connect is an end-to-end solution. All features and components are optimized for peak performance and automatic upgrades (that you can manage, too, if needed). But, you need never need worry about a system upgrade or patch again.

From Traditional Telephony to Today’s Cloud Solutions

Mitel’s complete suite of business phone systems deliver everything from traditional telephony solutions to today’s cloud-based seamless integrations and mobile solutions.

Support/Partners/Sales/ Cloud

Ready to talk? Think of Packet Fusion as your Mitel success resource center location. Our unified communications experts provide outstanding sales and technical support assistance. Contact us support partners here at Packet Fusion to learn more.

Parters: we would appreciate the chance to connect with you to build the next support solutions, together. Or need to talk to sales?

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