It’s Not Your Technology. It’s Your Networking.

Ensuring your business has an optimized network is just as important as using the right technology for your business needs. Implementing a solid infrastructure can help your current technology accomplish more. If your applications, wireless systems, or telephony systems are giving your team members and customers poor quality of service, the answer isn’t always upgrading to new communication tools.

Using technologies without a supportive infrastructure is like driving a luxury vehicle down a road filled with potholes and ditches. All it takes is transitioning to a better road, for you to feel the full power and quality of your vehicle. In the same way, using a subpar network will cause your unified communication tools to underperform. If your business experiences dropped calls, poor connectivity, and other difficulties, the first step is auditing your network.

Discover if your infrastructure meets the needs of your technology with Packet Fusion’s expertise. We offer a VoIP assessment to determine if a better network can improve the capabilities of your telecommunication system. With a VoIP Assessment, Packet Fusion can pinpoint where you should optimize your IP network so your applications run smoothly.

Audit Your Network with a VoIP Assessment

Effective Technology Requires Effective Networking

When it comes to getting the most out of your technology, Packet Fusion is your strategic advisor, helping you use the appropriate infrastructure for your business outcomes.

From budget requirements to organizational needs, we’ll evaluate how your underlying network supports your technology and business strategy. Ultimately, our goal is to craft a network that integrates all your technology for unified communications and collaboration.

Fully Leverage Your Current Technology

Network Services We Offer

Establishing the best network for your company can involve everything from optimizing your LAN to virtualizing your infrastructure, so it’s important your IT provider has the skill to pinpoint which services best serve your company objectives.

Whether you need help transitioning to SD-WAN or need firewall support, Packet Fusion offers a wide range of networking services. To help your business reach it’s goals:


A solid network ensures reliable communication within your LAN and beyond. Packet Fusion assesses the switches and routers of your LAN, so unified communications work seamlessly. Additionally, we’ll ensure your wireless system has the sophistication needed to serve and protect your organization, employees, and clients.


Virtualization allows your network to run on underutilized core infrastructure, so you accomplish more with less. The result is an infrastructure that cut expenses and increases productivity for your company. When you put your network in the cloud, you’ll also mitigate risk because virtualization provides redundancy so technological failures minimally affect your business. Moving to the cloud it also creates increased agility for your organization, providing a flexible network that can shrink or expand with your business needs.


SD-WAN allows you to gain the quality connection and control of a WAN for a fraction of the cost. With this innovative technology, your geographically distant offices will operate as one unit for collaboration and culture with a virtualized WAN infrastructure. Easily implemented, SD-WAN represents the future of a commoditized internet.

Even though SD-WAN offers several distinct benefits, for some businesses, MPLS is the better infrastructure option. MPLS networking allows your centers to communicate directly using virtual connections through a private cloud. With Packet Fusion’s in-depth knowledge, you’ll determine if MPLS is in the best interests of your company and select the vendor that best meets your company’s needs.

Whether you choose a SD-WAN or MPLS networking solution, Packet Fusion is here to help facilitate the decision that’s right for you.


According to a recent report, over 50% of U.S. companies have been threatened by ransomware, and almost 80% of U.S. business have seen a cyber attack. Because your business operates in an environment where internet security is critical, it’s essential your firewall protects your network and the people using it.

A network that prioritizes protection helps your company avoid surrendering industry secrets to virtual blackmail and compromising company security. When you work with Packet Fusion, you’ll reduce the risks of a poorly planned infrastructure, ensuring your firewall properly monitors traffic and controls who comes in and out of your network.

Packet Fusion offers a security audit that inspects the packets inside your network in real time.

Discover how to maximize your technological resources with better networking and infrastructure.

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