Packet Fusion Offers Zoom Video Communications’ Unified Communication Platform for Video Meetings and Voice

Offering enables businesses to provide work-from-home options and to gain long-term productivity benefits

Pleasanton, CA: March 4, 2020—Packet Fusion announced today that they will be
offering Zoom Video Communications’ unified communication platform for video
meetings and voice. The offering comes at a time when more businesses are looking to
provide work-at-home options. Zoom also delivers long-term productivity benefits
through their cloud-based phone, software-based conference room solutions, and a
variety of subscription plans for video webinars and events.

“With the Covid-19 virus on people’s minds, businesses are rethinking how they
collaborate and meet, because face-to-face isn’t always practical—or even advisable
these days,” said Packet Fusion CEO Matt Pingatore. “We’re seeing companies who
hadn’t developed strategies for connecting a remote workforce, now rapidly moving in
that direction.”

Pingatore stresses that the benefits are not just short-term. “Contrary to popular
sentiment, voice isn’t dead. It’s being consumed differently, and collaboration solutions
are where the conversations are happening. Zoom is a cost-effective way to enable
dispersed teams to work together seamlessly, and it’s designed with a mobile workforce
in mind.”

About Packet Fusion
Since 2001, we’ve helped thousands of businesses navigate the complexities of meeting
ever-changing demands on their businesses, become more agile, and control costs.
Packet Fusion is led by Chief Executive Officer Matt Pingatore, who, along with his team
of industry veterans has been involved in the telephony industry through its

transformation over the past 20 years. Together, they have helped thousands of
customers find the right tools to unify their communications, from voice and VoIP to
contact center and collaboration. Our advisory team has thousands of years of
combined expertise, and we’re so certain that our approach works that we only charge
clients for the project’s end-result.

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