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ShoreTel Communicator for Efficient Communications

Need help with your ShoreTel Communicator? ShoreTel products have revolutionized unified communications, with a single interface to manage business communications. The originally ShoreTel-branded platform is now owned by Mitel, a name change but no change in the high quality of service that you have come to expect.

Use ShoreTel Communicator for Your Business Communications

You could use Communicator with a Mitel ShoreTel phone system, computer, mobile phone, or – should you still have one – even a home phone. With seamless transitions between your business voice, video, and instant messaging, using ShoreTel software helps deliver day-to-day communications, streamlines work, and enables intuitive communication and collaboration. The version of ShoreTel Communicator for Windows also integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Please call or contact us for support or with questions on your ShoreTel system.

More Efficient Communications with ShoreTel Communicator

Now that Communicator and all of ShoreTel are owned by Mitel, you can still leverage the power of what has come to be known as the easiest way to communicate efficiently with your colleagues and work partners. Unified communications and productivity tools included with your phone system can improve efficiency for users, operators, and teams who are working from anywhere – home, remote, at a client site, or while in the office.

Directories and Contacts Simplified

With quick system access to directories, you can connect to the right person from a list of coworkers by name using either email or chat, in addition to making a call. You can also decide how to manage an incoming call when you’re in a meeting or otherwise engaged and change this at any time. You can see and identify a contact’s presence (status on IM or phone) on your ShoreTel system, allowing you to determine the best way to reach someone, or know when it might be better to wait before reaching out to them.

self educatePersonalized Caller ID and Call Management

Communicator allows you to choose if you’d like to be available through multiple phones or a progression of phones, in the end. If you are unable to answer your calls, you can further indicate that they go directly into voicemail. You can personalize this based on a caller’s identity (first or last name etc.), when a call was placed, or by your active mode. Specific ringtones can also indicate a caller’s identity.

ShoreTel Communicator SoftPhone

You may also wish to turn your computer into a phone using Communicator’s SoftPhone, with an integrated interface that makes it easy. Note that as you start the Communicator for Windows client the first time, it will authenticate to your HQ server to properly assign and activate features to that user extension. If it cannot authenticate, the client will not know that a user is authorized to use SoftPhone features and that option will not be available.

Mitel ShoreTel Professional or Operator Access

In Professional Access and Operator Access, you can use your contact viewer by clicking the Contact tab at the bottom to view a list of the people with who you communicate most often. In this window after adding a contact, you can see your contacts’ phone (by first or last name) and computer presence. Organize contacts into groups to manage them more quickly. To create a contact, mouse over the Contact window, right-click and choose Add Contact.

Business project meeting. Marketing team discussing new working plan. Laptop and paperwork in open officeCall Control Buttons

Your Call Control Buttons include Answer, Hang Up, Hold, Transfer, Conference, Video, IM, and Call Notes. Everyone who uses Communicator at your company, and any customized groups, will be shown in your contact list. You’ll be able to see your team’s presence status on your contact list to understand if someone is busy or on the phone. Communicator automatically updates your status depending on your actions. You can also manually set your ShoreTel Communicator status. Remember that your ShoreTel notification icon turns gray when you are disconnected from the server. Need assistance figuring things out? Contact Packet Fusion for help 24/7/365.

Use Communicator for Instant Messaging

Use Communicator to email or send and receive instant messages with others no matter where you are. And with Communicator, you can have video calls with others in the same office or around the world. Also, Communicator’s built-in voice functionality allows you and others to utilize voice chat.

Screen Sharing Made Easy

If you need to open and share your screen during an audio or video chat, you can simply launch desktop sharing. Share your screen or a portion of your screen to better collaborate with team members. Communicator also lets you transfer even large files to other Communicator users during a chat. You can also host a group chat with many users at once, in the same window.

Get Support or Upgrade Your ShoreTel Products

As your cloud consultant and partner for all things ShoreTel, Packet Fusion can help provide service and support for Communicator. As your top ShoreTel distributor, Packet Fusion can partner with you to assist with any cloud-based or onsite, server-based software and hardware product upgrades or supply service for your ShoreTel systems. We want to be the first name you think of when you need support for your business phone system or replacement assistance for your ShoreTel phones. Keep our number close and please get in touch when you need assistance.