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As part of our ShoreTel system support, we also offer a FREE ShoreTel health check, as well as training options. Call us to learn about training and for the best way to manage your advanced support issues. Hours of support for clients and others who need help are any time, any day, 24/7/365. See the difference we can make by calling us first for support at: 925-701-2020.

ShoreTel Mitel Support and ShoreTel Customer Service and Your Investment

Add business communications services as a capital or operational expense. Packet Fusion helps clients to invest in upgrades for any new or existing location and provide training for your IT administrators. You get to maintain the benefits of your capital investment, or consider servicing your system as an operational expense. Either way, we can help your financial team with the solution that works best for them and your entire business.

Your unified communications deliver more than team and client conversations. It also delivers simple, intuitive access to business applications. These tools can improve your entire company’s business processes.

ShoreTel Tech Support and Customer Service for Connect Apps

Improve on communications features, making them better for your team and customers. Packet Fusion can provide the support (ShoreTel system support/Mitel support) for monitoring and managing your ShoreTel Apps, available for onsite deployment. Associated benefits include:


  • The Scribe system component provides voice-to-text transcriptions right from your phone system, converting voicemail messages into written text and automatically emailing them to your team’s accounts. They also get a .wav file of the recorded message for easy listening on the go. They can quickly check emails and scan smartphone notifications to better prioritize their responses and their work. Security is ensured as voicemail .wav files are uploaded to the data center via a secure https channel and passed to an asynchronous transcription service. Plus, voicemails are not uploaded for transcription if they are marked as private.


  • Sometimes you still need to send a fax, and your ShoreTel support and Mitel support for your business phones makes it easy for your users to send and receive traditional fax messages from their computer by uploading documents and using the ShoreTel Fax system email interface to deliver documents to a fax phone line. Users can also receive a fax to a phone number, and the documents arrive as an email attachment.

Other phone system business applications are a breeze for your IT team, with moves, adds, and changes that can happen quickly via software. But we can’t help you without a call or online issue reported to us via our tech support form. Use our number, 925-701-2020, at all hours, any day or any time (24/7/365) for urgent issues.

ShoreTel Support: Security

As with any data, content is still susceptible to packet sniffing when traveling across a public network. Proactive monitoring and email encryption precautions should always be the standard, with the use of strong password policies and suggesting that your employees avoid all unsecured public wireless access points for their business communications.

It may seem daunting, but your Packet Fusion technical support team can help you to make decisions about using the cloud to help you unify communications. We are the leading ShoreTel and Mitel distributor, and we make the cloud our business. Contact us to learn more.

With ShoreTel support for hybrid apps, there is nothing to install and no upgrades for your IT technical or security team to manage. Your browser-based administration programs ShoreTel Connect Director and Connect Portal can be used to enable employee services for your Connect Hybrid system.

Support for Moving to the Cloud

Some enterprise customers with on-premises business phone systems see more challenges than benefits and are nervous about moving their data to the cloud. To alleviate some of these concerns, communication between Connect Onsite and Connect Hybrid Apps provisioning occurs over an https secure connection and email. As your cloud consultant partner, Packet Fusion can provide not only ShoreTel technology assistance and support, but support for all things cloud. Your current questions may be new to you, but we have the experience from many similar client integrations and can help with the migration plan that works for you.

You probably know that to access your ShoreTel support for Connect Onsite administration and your Connect Hybrid Apps provisioning, you’ll need to identify yourself based on a specific Account ID and a unique customer-specific token. That token is provided to enter into Connect Director self-certified through an https connection to the ShoreTel cloud only after a Hybrid Apps account is created in the ShoreTel Connect Cloud Portal. If your users or support team have system or software issues, we can work with you on support with training, technical support, or get you the customized advanced partner support solution that you need.

We Love Contact Center Questions

Contact center questions? No problem. We are pleased to help you solve your business or technical contact center issues. As a leading provider of ShoreTel and Genesys solutions, Packet Fusion engineers can help you get things up and running or keep them running smoothly. You name it – if it’s ShoreTel Mitel technology based, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

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Since ShoreTel was acquired by Mitel Networks, your ShoreTel customer service issues may seem more confusing. Contact us first as a partner for all of your ShoreTel products, support, and service questions. Our engineers will provide a positive customer experience and the assistance or replacement options that are right for your company, without the stress.