Mitel – New Name, Same Great Communications System

Did you know that Mitel Networks acquired ShoreTel in 2017? We hope that your legacy phone system continues to deliver superior reliability and business capabilities:

· Landline call quality

· Choices for Tier 1 voice and data providers, for enhanced call completion, data connectivity, and significant redundancy

· Call rerouting if issues arise, via connectivity with individual phone and data carriers that span multiple physical locations

· Multi-tenant network capabilities for the identification and silo of any failures by independent hardware

Packet Fusion Provides Managed Services for your Phone Systems

Packet Fusion delivers the ShoreTel Sky and Mitel managed services that you have come to expect. Your experience is important to us and we want to know if you are experiencing difficulties with your products or your account. We’ll help you to solve any issues quickly with your Mitel phone system products – whether you need login assistance or a strategy for getting the most from your communications systems. We are here to help. Contact us to open a case and start getting the support, service, or replacement options you need.

No-Cost ShoreTel Health Checks R Us

Because of the Mitel acquisition, your products may need a quick check-up from Packet Fusion, the top ShoreTel Sky phone system distributor. We even offer no-cost ShoreTel health checks, since we are really good at finding what you need and delivering exceptional customer service. If you need assistance to login to your account, or for any other issues, contact us.

Support for Your Unified Communications Products

Since you have already deployed ShoreTel and Mitel IP phones, we can help assure your system and service success as you expand to any new, Internet-connected locations. Need our open a case instructions? It is easy, simply call or contact us for support. Maybe you have seen the number of views on your support page steadily climbing. We can help with everything from an interrupt css error chat to questions about products or how to get the most from your ShoreTel business or contact center system.

Packet Fusion – Your Cloud Consultants

As your cloud consultants, Packet Fusion has the latest in phone and unified communications products. Consider us as your Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) support pros — contact UCaaS partner support by calling us.

VoIP Service – Highly Redundant and Highly Available

From 2001 – 2020 Mitel Networks has focused primarily on VoIP products. For the highest levels of VoIP service availability, your Mitel phone system has built-in redundancy to cover any single points of failure.

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ShoreTel and Mitel Q&A

Q: Does Mitel own ShoreTel?

A: Yes, Mitel owns ShoreTel after acquiring the company in 2017.

Q: What happened to ShoreTel?

A: When Mitel acquired ShoreTel, they phased out ShoreTel product names, which can be sometimes be confusing. You have a great unified communications system but if you’re experiencing more challenges than your IT team can manage, reach out to us with any questions.

Q: What is ShoreTel Connect?

A: You may have used, or may still be using ShoreTel Connect, the cloud communications platform introduced to simplify unified communications. Mitel’s MiCloud Connect carries on the great phone system capabilities for cloud-based unified communications.

Q: How do I download ShoreTel Communicator?

A: To download Communicator, Mitel has great instructions on downloading. Contact us if you need anything more.

Support and Service for Your ShoreTel and Mitel Products or Your Account

For ShoreTel Sky or Mitel login help or questions on your 2020 Mitel Networks Corporation products or your account (and beyond), Packet Fusion is here for you. We tend to notice that our clients who are getting an increased number of views on their support pages probably need some help for their users. If problems like your account not finding the right information keep popping up, you deserve a better customer service experience.

Support Across the US

If you need support across the US, cancel search parties and call us. For questions about products or to discuss an error, chat with us. Contact Packet Fusion about your account to get tailored support for your phone system products. We have been helping clients get tailored results, 2001 – 2020. Mitel phone systems and Packet Fusion have you covered.

What Number of Views Does Your Support Page Have?

If your technical articles number of views or number of views on your support site are going up, or if your IT resources are stretched too thinly, get in touch with Packet Fusion today.