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Did you know that Mitel Networks purchased ShoreTel in 2017? As the number one ShoreTel business phone system distributor for many years and now the top legacy ShoreTel phone systems support and service provider, Packet Fusion can help your business thrive. You count on us for the right solution to maintain service availability that ensures your business continuity with the reliability and flexibility you have come to know.

Shoretel support and customer service Assistance From Your Number One Cloud Provider

We want to be your number one cloud solutions provider, too. Please call or contact us for support and customer assistance for your voice and unified communications needs for your ShoreTel phone system.

It’s likely that if you own a ShoreTel Mitel IP phone system that delivers cloud-based capabilities (Connect Cloud) for unified communications – it has provided flexibility and has addressed the many demands of your business. It has proven to deliver data integrity for your enterprise, reliable applications, and customer and overall company security.

Support for Your ShoreTel Phone System

If things aren’t working as they should, Packet Fusion can review your ShoreTel Mitel phone system and help you to invest wisely in any updates, upgrades, or service options you need to maintain redundant and load-balanced system hardware. Trust your PBX network pros to get you the support you deserve. We offer support 24/7/365. We want to maximize your business communications continuity and ensure your constant uptime.  Work with us and we know that you will see us as our other customers do – the network pros that you like, providing the support that you need, to keep your telephone and unified communications delivering.

The Best of On-Premises and Cloud with ShoreTel Connect Hybrid

If you have a hybrid ShoreTel phone system (ShoreTel Connect Hybrid) we can also help you with a service solution or an upgrade for your telephone system. ShoreTel Connect Hybrid allows you to provision new features for best-in-class communications experiences on demand. You’ll decrease telephone voice and other service downtime and realize the best of your deployments, both on-premises and in the cloud. Unified communications are also a snap with ShoreTel Hybrid business phones and most ShoreTel Mitel telephony system solutions.

Reviewing ShoreTel migration planReview Your Business VoIP Phone System Needs

Your business VoIP phone system users want to control and customize your business telephone system themselves. Enabling this through user-friendly tools, ShoreTel Mitel business VOIP phone systems provide ease of use and management control. Administrators can set use parameters for calls, email, and other business communications capabilities and enable users to establish some preferred call settings. You also have the ability to change as needed based on your enterprise company or call center needs. The ShoreTel Mitel solution features can easily allow phone calls to automatically go to voice mail, another extension, or even a cascading rollover to other phones. Administrators and users can set special rules based on a caller’s ID. Depending on security and business goals, your ShoreTel system is both easy and highly customizable.

ShoreTel IP Phone System Analysis

We’ll review and analyze your ShoreTel IP phone system or Mitel service level agreement (SLA) and your private cloud circuit connection, T1, or MPLS prioritized for voice. ShoreTel offers the business VoIP phone system technology solution that is right for you, your business, or your contact center. You can decide the best aspects of that solution to enable your staff to meet their goals. Or Packet Fusion can review your network, services, technology, and solution and present the ways that you can optimize or transform your business.

Unified Communications for Building Relationships

You want your team to focus on building relationships within your organization and with the contacts that you all have in the field, too, using the unified communications capabilities that they have come to know and trust. We can help keep your ShoreTel business IP phone systems working well for you in your office or contact center.

On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Phone System Upgrades

Let us empower your ShoreTel IP business phone system with the product upgrades and services that you can use to improve your bottom line. Your ShoreTel cloud based business or contact center phone system provides superior ease-of-use and means you need far less time for upgrades and maintenance. For the many different users and business phone needs for your ShoreTel on-premises system, adding new features may slightly increase your IT team’s work. However, with a ShoreTel Connect Hybrid IP/VOIP phone system, just grant permission to your phone system users via the ShoreTel Connect Portal. New features are no problem.

Using the ShoreTel appUsing the ShoreTel App

You’re also already likely using these amazing features from your ShoreTel IP phones and your business phone system desktop app. It helps to connect you to other people so that you’re not concerned about devices. The overall platform experience delivers intuitive, human connections and unified communications like no other. We are sure that if you are not yet taking advantage of the many software and hardware platform features, once you use them you’ll see a positive difference. Your customers will as well when you are able to offer them the improved service from your users who are empowered with new tools and ease-of-use.

Collaboration Tools in Your VoIP Phone Systems

Collaboration tools are built right into each network phone systems; ShoreTel tools make your conference calls and video meetings more productive. You can chat (instant message), email, and accomplish more with your team as you communicate, quickly and easily via the tools that show in the ShoreTel Connect app panel when needed. There’s no need to load new windows or apps and no need for codes to access tools or make things work smoothly with your existing phone system. The application software works seamlessly with the rest of your phone system services.

Brilliantly Simple Phone System Technology

Your ShoreTel business or contact center phone system technology can still deliver on the original ShoreTel promise of being “brilliantly simple,” and Packet Fusion can help. We want your IP phones and VoIP phones to work flawlessly. If your current solution is underdelivering, call or contact us for support. We can deliver new solutions and the customer service you need for your enterprise on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid phone systems solutions, so that you and your users and customers all get the same great experience. Whether your sales team is using a ShoreTel IP phone system for making calls, or your call center is using a ShoreTel IP phone for taking calls, your enterprise deserves the best phones, applications (software), technology, and services from a partner you can trust.

Contact Us for Shoretel Phone System Support

Get the solutions to your service challenges for your ShoreTel VoIP phone system, software, hardware, or upgrade the legacy ShoreTel business telephony systems for your company. We can help you continue your great reputation for uptime with applications delivered seamlessly to support your onsite and remote workers today. We can also partner with you to help you adapt your ShoreTel phone system to handle your new and changing cloud communications business needs for the future. Packet Fusion can also upgrade or provide information on new contact center phone systems. Want more information or to chat with our pros about customer assistance? Contact us for support and assistance for your ShoreTel phone system.