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Understanding Your ShoreTel Phones, Switches, Service, and Replacement Options

As you review your business goals, if you need support for your legacy phones or if you’re considering an upgrade or update, Packet Fusion is here to help. And if you need assistance in understanding your ShoreTel (now Mitel) phone, switch, or other system elements, we can guide you in the review of the best new options. Contact us for support now!

Replace ShoreTel Phones and Switches

If you have questions about the best replacement for your ShoreTel phones, or if you need to repair or upgrade your business IP phones, Packet Fusion is the provider you can trust. We can guide your selection of the hardware, software, and cloud communications options that help

Back in 2017, ShoreTel announced the end of life of many of its hardware and software products. ShoreTel was purchased by Mitel, and there may still be some confusion about exactly how to move forward to take full advantage of your existing hardware. You may also need help with options for replacement. And for the best in total business phone solutions to replace your ShoreTel phone system, you may need the expertise of a company like Packet Fusion. We have consistently been the top provider of ShoreTel phones, and today we provide service for hardware and software-based phone systems, as well as cloud products and solutions for collaboration and productivity.

Old ShoreTel ShoreGear Switches

Because ShoreTel is now Mitel, there are no further scheduled software updates or bug fixes. With older switches and software platforms you need a new plan for new upgrades. For example, full-width SG voice switches, appliances under the ShoreGear name, and for newer half-width SG appliances, here’s a way to identify them. Full-width switches take up the full 19 inches in a rack. Half-width switches are approximately 9.5 inches, so two can fit side-by-side in a rack-mount. Also, all switches that have slashes in their name are full-width. For example, ShoreGear 120/24 or ShoreGear 40/8. One exception to the naming convention is for the ShoreGear T1 appliance. If you have a full-width T1 appliance, its name is simply the T1. The half-width appliance is a T1K. ShoreTel systems that were purchased and installed before 2007 are usually those with full-width switches. Since these appliances were taken before their end-of-life in June of 2018, Packet Fusion can advise you on replacement solutions.

Old ShoreTel IP Phones

Even farther back in 2015, ShoreTel shared that it would no longer sell their 100/200/500 series of IP phones or the BB24 button box. Even then it was becoming difficult to obtain replacement phones for these systems. Older phones in the ShoreTel 100, ShoreTel 200, and ShoreTel 500 series were less and less in demand, and the ShoreTel 400 series phones grew in popularity and sales. At the time, ShoreTel sales of old phones drove partners like us here at Packet Fusion and our customers to move toward the 400 series phones. ShoreTel 400 series phones became the best desk phones, with enhanced features.

Replace Your ShoreTel Phones

Today, other replacement options are available, and Packet Fusion can help. For those with ShoreTel IP 110, IP 115, IP 230, IP 230G, IP 265, IP 560G, or IP 212k, and the BB24 button box, we can assist you in finding new and better phones and collaboration systems. At the time these systems were discontinued, the corresponding GSA bundles for the phones also became unavailable. In some cases, parts and accessories were still available but software compatibility may be a challenge. Packet Fusion can assess your current system to determine the best and most productive and cost-effective way to bring your phone system back as a great tool for today and into the future.

Following the end of life of the ShoreTel 100, ShoreTel 200, and ShoreTel 500 series, ShoreTel’s 400 series phones made up ShoreTel’s primary portfolio of desktop devices. You may have replaced your hardware with 400 series phones as an alternative to the 100/200/500 series phones. At the time, ShoreTel recommended that the entry-level IP 100 and IP 115 phones be transitioned to the ShoreTel 420. For their IP 230, they suggested the IP 480 phone, which provided basic office phone functionality. For the IP 230G and IP 560G, they guided IT managers to install IP 480g where gigabit Ethernet support was in place for general office use. For the IP 265, ShoreTel recommended the newer IP 485g for color display or the IP 480. In transitioning the IP 212k, guidance was issued to move to the IP 480.

Replacement Products for ShoreTel

Because the ShoreTel (now Mitel) models listed reached their end of life in most cases over five years ago, finding ShoreTel replacement phones to address your different and evolving technology needs is challenging. For replacement products, we will work with you to help you find the right new phone hardware, software, and full cloud collaboration solutions that are just right for your business needs.

Questions? Contact Packet Fusion for support as needed, or contact us for a review and assessment of your existing phone and productivity systems, and for advice or guidance on ShoreTel replacements today!

Don’t Forget ShoreTel IP

In 2017, Mitel Networks (Mitel) purchased ShoreTel, and there have been a lot of changes to phone hardware – including the IP phone series – and other product offerings.

What is a ShoreTel Phone System?

As you determine your best phone and communications solutions for the future, here’s the phone product list with the “new” Mitel phone system names (and don’t forget the ShoreTel IP phones, either):

  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud has become MiCloud Connect
  • ShoreTel Connect Onsite is now MiVoice Connect
  • ShoreTel 14.2 is now Mitel 14.2, which reached end-of-life in September of 2020

Packet Fusion can help you service, repair, or upgrade your old ShoreTel products now, including those in the ShoreTel IP phone series. We can also help you replace your ShoreTel 14.2 / Mitel 14.2 phone system with either MiCloud Connect (a hosted cloud system) or a MiVoice Connect (an on-premises system). Contact us for ShoreTel support day or night, 24/7/365or replacement assistance for your phones.

Learn more about ShoreTel phone systems. Or the following should help you better understand your ShoreTel system and how it has evolved.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud is Now MiCloud Connect

If you need help with ShoreTel for cloud-based business telephony and unified communications, we can help. Packet Fusion was your top ShoreTel distributor, and we are now the best source for your information needs. Though ShoreTel Connect Cloud was a great product that provided unified communications and rich features for teams and helped to improve business performance, as you may know, ShoreTel was purchased by Mitel. That means ShoreTel Connect Cloud is now Mitel MiCloud Connect. If you need support, we can help. Even if you have something from the IP hardware line from ShoreTel, please search no further. Packet Fusion’s experts can get you up and running fast with repairs to your legacy systems or a new system that helps your business.

If you experience problems with your phone system, Packet Fusion is here to provide the service, support, or upgrades you need. Contact us for support or replacement assistance for your phones.

ShoreTel Phones Connect Onsite for On-Prem Business Communications

Packet Fusion knows that ShoreTel has delivered a superior approach to phone systems, with technology you could trust. It has also supported your business communications and enabled your team to work on projects that deliver revenue, client service, or other priorities instead of having to focus on getting your system technology to behave. The reliability you get from this intuitive communications platform seamlessly delivers the kinds of services and applications that are working for you today. We want to help you adapt them just as seamlessly as possible for your changing business needs, with the best in business phone systems, conference capabilities, email, messaging, contact center hardware, and more into the future.

With ShoreTel Connect Onsite, the exceptional user experience you expected from your strong phone system features was the best in user-friendly IT cost-effectiveness. ShoreTel worked like any other business phone system, and with its distributed architecture, ensured the business communications continuity you knew and appreciated. Today, you can experience this with Mitel replacement hardware, or other solutions that are just right for your business. Its terrific management interface also saves resources and contributes to the business integrations that can help make you money.

ShoreTel delivered IP phone systems to ensure the best customer satisfaction with the lowest total cost of ownership for any on-premises (on-prem) system. If you are experiencing service issues or are considering a switch, we can help. For updates or upgrades, Packet Fusion is your top choice for ShoreTel products and services. Contact us for support and let us know how we can help your business.

Connect Hybrid for Cloud and Onsite Deployments

Provisioning new features on demand for communications and integrate diverse deployments, ShoreTel Connect Hybrid solutions let you harness the power of both on-premises and cloud installations. Today, you may need to acquire a new system that delivers the best in hardware performance from a speakerphone, and you may need a backlit, color display while working from home or in your corporate office. Whatever it takes, we can deliver your new phone system capabilities in a single packaged solution, or on an as-needed basis.

Packet Fusion knows that ShoreTel IP phones used to be the go-to phone system for many companies. ShoreTel pioneered and drove voice and other communications innovations that helped customers to generate insights for their business. They led the way for companies to grow and prosper. Packet Fusion can ensure that you continue to experience the same growth and best in business capabilities with your legacy ShoreTel IP phone products today or help you switch to a system that better meets your needs. We offer best-in-class systems and can help ensure that your phone and internet lines are delivering the speed and performance your business needs, too. We can even arrange for an assessment to get things rolling.

Questions? Contact us for ShoreTel customer service and support, information, or to find and purchase a different communications system.

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