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Packet Fusion has got your number. As your go-to for all things ShoreTel, whether it’s support, service, or replacement – we actually have your support phone number: 925-701-2020. We also invite you to contact us for customer service, advanced training, business products service, and more. Plus, we offer a FREE ShoreTel phone health check as part of our commitment to exceptional customer service. There are a lot of ways that we can help you to maximize the benefits of your ShoreTel Mitel phones and unified communications capabilities. Reach out to learn more.

Remote Customer Service and Support

With today’s need for advanced customer service and customer support for more remote workers and teams that need to collaborate in a moment, we are here to support your ShoreTel Mitel business phone system and other communications and collaboration needs with training and a host of ways that you can improve efficiency and business effectiveness through unified communications.

Upgrading Your ShoreTel Mitel Unified Communications System

We can also support the upgrading of your ShoreTel system for the best in unified communications across all of your locations. You may need support or assistance with either Connect Cloud, Connect Onsite, or Hybrid phone systems. If you have already deployed Connect Hybrid Sites for synchronized ShoreTel Connect Apps, your directory integration is delivering point-to-point video and 100% feature parity, common extension dialing, Caller ID, and more.

No-cost ShoreTel Health Checks

Let Packet Fusion support and service your system or deliver an upgrade today. We even offer a no-cost ShoreTel health check to see if your system could run better. Fill out a request form, or simply call our support number for all ShoreTel Mitel products at 925.701.2020. If you need support, training options, or just have questions, give us a call.

Maintain Your ShoreTel Business Capabilities

We can help you with support to maintain the benefits of your system, including:

Support to grow your unified communications system as business needs change

The world is changing, and your business is surely changing, too. If your business tools aren’t keeping up, or if your technical support team is under water, we are here to support you.

Creating an opportunity for the transition from an onsite, on premises deployment to a full cloud deployment

As you experience growth and change, it may be that your onsite, server-based systems no longer meet the needs of your users and customers. Packet Fusion is your cloud consultant. We can help with both hybrid and full cloud deployments when you’re ready. After thorough analysis of your business challenges and opportunities, we can recommend what we think will work best. With a great history as the top ShoreTel distributor, we understand customer cloud needs.

Support in giving all employees a consistent user experience at every company location

image of co-workers on high-speed corporate network

Some of the benefits of truly unified communications include consistent user experience, regardless of where your employees or contact center operators may work. Our work from anywhere world is creating more of a demand for consistency, for both workers and customers. Packet Fusion provides support for our clients and their office, branch, call center, and remote teams.

Support for adding new accounts, including seasonal teleworkers, with no IT operations impact

Another super benefit of your business unified communications system is that you should experience less of an impact for your IT team, even when adding new accounts. If your administrators experience any challenges with adding news accounts, including those that will only be temporarily active for seasonal workers, contact us for support.

Adding new remote office locations to your company network via the cloud with no capital expense

The addition of new remote office locations is a breeze, not just for your IT team but also for your accounting staff. No capital expense outlay is needed when everything can be done via a remote software instance.

Deploying a single, unified communication platform for your global business via a mix of on premises and cloud services as needed

Hybrid systems really deliver, providing both on premises and cloud services. Let your employee and application needs drive you, and let your unified communications platform solve your always-on business needs.

Transitioning from capital to operational business expense models and controlling your financial strategy

Just as adding new remote office locations is a breeze doesn’t require a capital expense investment for cloud-based or hybrid unified communications, you can actually transition other capital expenditures to operational expense models. Packet Fusion can help guide you as you develop a controllable financial strategy.

ShoreTel Business Choices

What’s better than having a choice? How about not having to choose between on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Packet Fusion is your cloud consultant and can help you get the most from your ShoreTel Connect HYBRID phone solutions.

Training and Support for Hybrid

We can help you with training, advanced help, or support the upgrade of your phone system. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID allows you to provision new features for best-in-class communications experiences on demand. You’ll decrease downtime and realize the best of your deployments, both onsite and cloud. Contact us on our customer support line at 925.701.2020 to learn more.

Incredible ShoreTel System Redundancy

For the kind of redundancy that’s failure-proof, cost-effective, and easy to work with, your ShoreTel Connect Onsite modular architecture and simple “N+1” system redundancy. You get an automatic back-up during possible points of failure including a ShoreTel application server outage, a WAN outage, or a voice switch outage. And you’ll never lose phone dial tone with the ShoreTel Connect Onsite’s 99.999% availability. That is good news for your customers.

Primary Instance Issues – No Problem

Similarly, standby voice switches, routers, and servers can take over in the event that the primary instance experiences any issues. In each instance, if a device on your network has issues, there is a secondary device available, ready to reroute traffic as necessary. With geo-redundant network operations centers, you can continuously monitor and maintain your ShoreTel instances. Also, private network offerings such as T1, MPLS, or Ethernet can provide additional reliability and phone call quality assurances with service level agreement guarantees.

One Number is All You Need for ShoreTel Support

Call your ShoreTel Mitel support team at 925-701-2020, or contact us for any ShoreTel support, service, or replacement options. And don’t forget to ask about your FREE ShoreTel phone health check.