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ShoreTel Voicemail Options for Contact CenterEfficient Communications

Business communications are made simple by ShoreTel. Packet Fusion is here to help you continue the easy deployment, administration, and use you have come to rely on following the implementation of a ShoreTel Mitel system, one of the best tools for efficiency and productivity. We hope the article on this page provides the information that you’re looking for. If not, please contact us for more immediate assistance

Understanding Voicemail

Your integrated voicemail works a lot like it probably does on your home or cell phones. The usual things like setting up a personal and professional greeting, asking callers to leave a message with their name, and giving them additional ways to reach you

Key Voice Mail Integration

There are a number of integrations for your phone system voicemail, for example with Outlook. There are also many features, along with voicemail, that you can use right from Outlook. It is your users’ choice to set up a greeting for their extension under their name if they would like to listen to a voice message using either their computer’s speakers or their phone handset.

Business project meeting. Marketing team discussing new working plan. Laptop and paperwork in open officePlayback Methods

Read the following about how to select a playback method. As always, you may need to enter your password to get into your system. When ready, select the Playback bar (press play) and use the playback device icon to select the desired playback device. A user can see the list of voice messages at their extension number (if part of your phone setup), in the order they were received. A user can also see messages that have not yet been heard displayed in bold. You may also have a Press 1 option on your handset – ask your administrator for more information.

How a User Can Check for a Voice Message

To check a voicemail that you received to your phone extension right from your email, from your Outlook Inbox choose (or double-click) the voicemail that you wish to listen to. Click/press Play (using the Play button on the Playback bar shown in the Outlook review pane) or from the Outlook Email Inbox, double-click the voice mail that you want to hear. (If asked, log into the system and enter your name and password if required) then from the ShoreTel Voice Mail form > ShoreTel Voice Mail tab > Playback bar, click/press the Play button .

To control your voicemail audio playback, use the Play/Pause and Stop buttons, and the cursor on the Playback bar.

Voice (greeting, messages, playback, forwarding, etc.) is just one of a number of your system’s customizable components. As part of its unified communications capabilities, there are many ways to realize work efficiencies and cost-savings. We hope that your entire Connect business communications platform still works well, including your voicemail. If you need assistance with support or replacement options, Packet Fusion can help you to keep things running smoothly. Contact us for any help that you may need.

ShoreTel Unified Communications

For unified communications system deployment that is flexible, adaptable, and based on a solid business strategy approach, ShoreTel Connect Hybrid really delivers. It delivers cloud reliability and the convenience and responsiveness of managed service subscriptions, with the control and performance of an on-premises system deployment.

Insert the best of unified communications applications and services exactly where you need them in your tech stack, as an operating or capital expense. Packet Fusion can help you continue working with the combined strength of the cloud and on-site deployments using ShoreTel Connect Hybrid. For any ShoreTel product upgrades, we can help. Or if it’s ShoreTel products or service that you need, we have the experience based on our position as the top ShoreTel distributor. We are happy to assist you with your ShoreTel email or any of your on-premises or cloud needs. Contact us to learn more.

Packet Fusion knows that digital transformation might happen with a single large, cloud deployment, or over a longer amount of time. If your voice needs and other business communications requirements are not driving you toward a full cloud deployment, then Connect Hybrid can deliver ease of provisioning cloud services incrementally. System operators can experience the convenience of the cloud and still can rely on some of their better known on-premises control.

We are here to help if you’re ready to explore product upgrade options. Or if you just need service for your existing voice or other phone components, contact us for help. You can also find a support article assortment and other resources across our site.