A Unique Approach

Packet Fusion keeps things simple by focusing on one thing:
making our customers lives easier.

Our work is all about helping people to get their jobs done, and done well. Technology alone won't make that happen. We know. Our principals started in telecom over 20 years ago, helping customers solve their most complex business communication challenges. The technology keeps changing, but people – and their needs – stay the same.

That's our sweet spot. We know people, we know business, and we know from experience how to leverage the strengths and versatility of a ShoreTel phone system. Not only do we know it inside and out: we've built our business on it.

This approach yields results. In 2014, for the fourth time, we were named ShoreTel's Partner of the Year. We're also consistently ranked in ShoreTel's Circle of Excellence – a small group of resellers who are experts in advanced voice and data applications. Such is our in-house expertise that we rarely turn to ShoreTel for support. In fact, we'll have code rewritten for customers if need be.

But ultimately, it is the opinion of our customers that matters most. All ShoreTel resellers are evaluated using a metric called a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Customers are asked how likely they are to recommend a brand to a friend or colleague. Packet Fusion's NPS is on a par with both Apple and Amazon.

Whether you go with an on-premise or a cloud phone system, we'll make sure that your solution is reliable, cost-effective, and delivers all the functionality and flexibility you need.

And that’s just the beginning. Invested in your success, we continue to ensure that you – and everyone at your organization – are free to focus on what really matters: moving forward. Getting results.

Why ShoreTel

An enterprise-grade solution without enterprise-grade setup and maintenance.

Whether you choose a premise-based ShoreTel phone system, virtualize it on your own servers, or opt for ShoreTelSky, there is no enterprise-grade unified communications solution that is easier to deploy or manage. And none does a better job of striking the perfect balance between aggressive inclusion of game-changing technologies and case-hardened code.

The quickest way to appreciate it is to see – and hear – it for yourself. Contact us today to set up your demo.

Seamlessly integrates people, devices, and applications.

Built from the ground up for VoIP, ShoreTel is perfectly suited to how work gets done today. Its powerful and streamlined mobility solution takes the hassle out of BYOD. Users can easily access versatile unified communications tools – IM, conferencing, and online collaboration – on the devices of their choice. And tight integration with critical business applications, such as CRM and ERP, keeps the focus getting work done, rather than on struggling to get everything to work together.

ShoreTel grows and scales with you, so there's no penalty for growth.

With a single system image, your ShoreTel system acts as though you are all always in one office. And a single pool of licenses means that your phone system will never dictate where you deploy your people geographically.

Cloud, Premise, and Virtual

We want you to end up with a VoIP phone system that's a
competitive advantage, not a technical liability.

The right VoIP phone system is the one that serves your organization's structure, needs, and goals: increasing revenue, boosting productivity, cutting costs, or better serving your customers. Whether it's an office phone system that is on-premise, cloud-based, or virtualized on your servers, we knock ourselves out to design a solution that is reliable, cost-effective, and delivers all the functionality and flexibility you need.

As you weigh your options, consider this: combining a data network and a phone system is delicate.

There's no easier way to find out what's wrong with your data network than to deploy a VoIP phone system. We will perform the white glove test on your data network. And then, we will tell you what we would put in place to ensure that your phone system stays up and running.

To discuss which of these options are best for you, contact us.

ShoreTel Phones

ShoreTel's on-premise IP PBX is ideal for organizations that want hands-on control. Easy to use and manage, it streamlines administrative tasks into one interface. Giving users the business tools they need – video conferencing, IM, BYOD, mobility, online collaboration – can be done in minutes, not hours. Delivering the industry's lowest overall total cost of ownership, ShoreTel’s IP PBX can be run on our solid state switches, or virtualized on your servers.


ShoreTel Sky Hosted Solution

ShoreTelSky, a hosted solution, is a great choice if you need to give your people full-featured unified communications tools, but prefer to outsource maintenance and management. This can be ideal for smaller organizations, and organizations that are looking to move phone system costs from OpEx to CapEx. Dedicated teams manage the entire experience—from your move to the cloud, to ongoing upgrades and maintenance, to support.


VMWare Ready

Virtualized solutions are not all created alike. Some providers might force you to choose between deploying your entire system on hardware-based appliances or on virtual ones. With ShoreTel you can have both: its unique distributed architecture means you can go with a "mix-and-match" implementation. Better news yet: you can manage it all through just one web-based interface.


Our Portfolio

We started in telecom. Our perspective on technology draws on over 20 years experience out in the field. We've seen things come and go and change. As a result, we are skeptical about unproven technologies, and don’t fall in love at first sight with anything.

In assembling our portfolio of products that complement and integrate with the ShoreTel office phone system, we've sought out the best technologies available.

We put them to work – along with everything we know about business, people, and communications – to design solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, and deliver all the functionality and flexibility you need.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you focus on getting work done, rather than on getting everything to work together.

Our Services

The list at right covers the services our customers tend to seek out. More succinctly: we do what we are asked.

Our clients have taught us how they expect to be treated. That’s how we originally learned this business: one small phone system at a time, until we were considered capable of servicing larger phone systems and more complex applications. Today, we are ShoreTel’s largest VAR in the Western U.S., and their Partner of the Year four of the last six years. We win awards like these because we listen very carefully to companies like yours.

For instance, one of our clients runs an international airport. They don’t want an 800 number to call when they have a problem. They might be calling from the control tower. They want a cellphone to call. Just one. That phone gets handed around every day from technician to technician. Whoever is on call holds that phone.

We are students of business and telephony, knowing that we cannot succeed unless our customers do. Packet Fusion is profitable, debt-free and privately owned. For us, that is proof that making ourselves of service to companies looking to make the best possible choices in an ever-changing industry is good business.

Consulting & Implementation
VoIP LAN/WAN Assessments
Contact Center Analysis
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning
End User Training
Specialist Training
Train the Trainer
24/7 Customer Support
Network Operations Center (NOC)
Proactive Monitoring
Account & Project Management
Account Management
Project Management
Government and Education Expertise

Over 50 cities, government agencies and municipal water districts and 30 schools in California have placed their faith in Packet Fusion to deploy their IP telephony and unified communications solutions.

This experience has taught us something very important: every department in government is its own business. To say it aloud may be to give away a trade secret, but it's true. And accordingly, we treat each department head as if he or she were the CEO of a company. We listen carefully to what they have to say, and we take notes. Then we design and build specifically to meet their needs.


Operating this way has made us smart, and successful, at serving customers in these sectors. From procurement, to training, to the need for emergency requirements, we understand cities, public agencies, and schools better than anyone else. The reason: we’ve listened more closely to our customers than anyone else.