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Could your ShoreTel system run better? Find out, with our no-cost system health check. We can find and fix ShoreTel Issues in a heartbeat.


Does your ShoreTel system work the way the manual says it should?

Let Packet Fusion show you how your system is working and where it can be optimized: Take our no-cost health assessment today.

You can rely on our expertise
We have 27 Certified ShoreTel/Mitel engineers on staff and support 550 ShoreTel customers. Plus, we’ve been the #1 ShoreTel/Mitel Partner of the Year for five out of the past eight years. We know how to get and keep your systems running at peak performance.

During your health check, we will:

  • Identify important components or configurations that could be affecting your performance or keeping you from taking advantage of key features.
  • Compare how your network devices are configured and make sure adhere to best practices.
  • Identify ways to add redundancy and reduce load through virtualization features.
  • Make sure mobility routers are provisioned correctly.
  • Get to the root problem of issues, whether due to the ShoreTel firmware, settings or even your network

Request your no-cost ShoreTel system health check.

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Do you use Active Directory integrated authentication (LDAP) on your ShoreTel/Mitel system? There’s an important change you should know about.

LDAP Update

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Our Support Portal provides customers with ability to:

  • Submit Support Cases and review your engineer’s notes/findings
  • Check the Packet Fusion Self Service / Knowledge Base
  • Download system documentation about your specific solution
  • Add / Remove authorized support contacts for your Company
  • Request a (RMA) Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Register for “Lunch & Learn” Sessions

In this recorded webinar, Packet Fusion CEO Matt Pingatore discusses the Mitel Connect Roadmap and what the switch from Mitel 14.2 means to you. Mitel 14.2 is alive and well until the end of 2020, but now is the time to understand what it takes to upgrade.