The Real IT Challenge Resulting from Outdated Technology

Does your network run at optimal capacity or do you find yourself working around disparate systems like the phone system, internal chat, video and countless other plugins?  You should have a technology partner that builds systems to enhance the way you run your business, not run your business around the technology. Read on to discover the three most common issues we see when businesses are using outdated technology.

Here are 3 REAL headaches most companies encounter with fragmented systems:working with a phone computer and paper


1. Your Technology Doesn’t Integrate with What You Already Have

It’s great to have many methods of communication such as video, chat, email and voice. It’s not great when those methods can’t communicate with each other. These fragmented systems bring your internal communication to a halt and cause friction amongst those who have to use them. In addition to struggles within your team, they can cause a disparate customer experience as well. If your communication systems don’t integrate with your CRM, customers are forced to repeat information, and the transition between reps is not smooth. It’s not conducive to building that outstanding customer experience many organizations strive for today.


2. Your Technology Doesn’t Support the Way Your Employees Want to Work

Employees are chwoman working in multiple platformsanging the way they work. In the US, 50% of the workforce holds jobs that are compatible with at least partial telework, according to Global Workplace Analytics. It’s beneficial for companies to accommodate remote employees as much as possible. A study from the University of Texas, Austin, showed that remote employees worked an extra 5-7 hours over their in-office counterparts. But accommodating this increased productivity requires cohesive technology systems. Customers and coworkers shouldn’t have to ring multiple locations or use many different methods to reach those employees. This can cause friction between parties and frustration for everyone involved.


3. Your Technology Requires Too Much Time and Too Many Resources

You shouldn’t need a degree from a manufacturer to manage your UC system. Too often the changes are difficult and time-consuming to execute. This puts unnecessary burdens on your IT team and detracts from their ability to complete strategic initiatives that contribute to the success of your organization. In addition, any downtime or repairs detract from the overall productivity of your team. Technology exists to enhance your business, not interfere with it. Changes and upgrades to your UC equipment should be seamless and simple, leaving your IT team’s time free for what is important to your organization and your communication consistently supporting your team’s efforts.

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