The Right Contact Center Solution—Just in Time

At Packet Fusion, we are helping clients see clearly in 2020—and as one of the longest-running lighting distributors in the US, Candela Corporation also helps people see clearly.


For three generations, Candela has supplied electrical wholesalers with lights, ballasts and sockets from their headquarters in Irvine, California and their warehouse in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Great customer service is their hallmark, but after experiencing problems with their two previous contact center solutions, they knew that their responsiveness was not measuring up to their high standards.


In November of 2019, Candela decided it was time to re-evaluate their solution. “We needed a system where when someone presses 1 they get a live person immediately,” said Candela CTO and co-owner, Mike Baas. “There were chronic problems with the old cloud-based system, and we didn’t trust it. Plus, it was getting really expensive to maintain. We needed to be able to reliably patch in support so we could deliver first call resolution.”


“It was clear from the start that Packet Fusion had deep expertise in contact centers. In our very first meeting with them, they focused on what we were trying to accomplish, and only then did they make their recommendations. Also, Genesys was very transparent with their technology, so by the second meeting I knew exactly what we were getting.”


Candela’s Genesys contact center went live in March, one day before the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to enable agents to work from home. “Some agents already worked remotely, but now all of our support people do—and it was seamless. I never imagined in a million years that I would turn it on and have zero problems.”


Mike Baas was reluctant to use voice over IP, because his remote agents all had different connections and he was concerned about voice quality. “I’m grateful that Packet Fusion was persistent, because our call quality is spectacular. With Packet Fusion and Genesys, we got the best contact center, solution provider and networking possible.”


Candela has plans to expand their contact center by integrating email and APIs.


If you would like more information on how we can help you find the right contact center solution, give us a call.

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