Three Key Capabilities to Look for When Selecting a Cloud Advisor

Contact Name: Ellen Pensky

Three Key Capabilities to Look for When Selecting a Cloud Advisor

Pleasanton, CA: August 22, 2019—Businesses are increasingly aware that they must move to the cloud to meet new demands like rising customer expectations, employee expectations, data management and seamless collaboration, but the process can be confusing, and executing is complex. Matt Pingatore, an industry veteran for nearly 30 years, suggests hiring a trusted cloud advisor, and identifies three key capabilities companies can use as a guideline.

“The vast selection of cloud-based solutions makes it difficult for someone who isn’t immersed in the technology every day to determine the best options. Cloud advisors play a pivotal role, helping companies choose the best technology, ensuring all the applications work together, and implementing with minimal disruption. Selecting the right cloud advisor is crucial.”

3 Key Capabilities to Look for in a Cloud Advisor

A cloud advisor should be able to deliver a comprehensive range of consulting services, from evaluation and planning to migration and ongoing support.

1. Evaluation and Planning

Skilled advisors start by seeking to understand the current cloud maturity of the business, and have the experience and insight to identify opportunities that improve infrastructure and business processes while reducing costs. They then provide a cloud adoption roadmap based on best practices that will drive results.

2. Migration

Advisors assess the optimal solutions, drawing on their knowledge and experience with the leading providers, and make recommendations that deliver the best TCO. They act as vendor-neutral cloud liaisons that interpret complex contracts and help negotiate prices, SLAs and included services to ensure the best prices and terms. Their engineering

staff should have expertise and certifications in a wide range of solutions to deliver a smooth implementation.

3. Ongoing Support

Advisors are not just there during procurement. They are invested in customers’ long- term success and actively support them after implementation with responsive ongoing technical support. They should be certified on the services they are recommending in order to ensure ongoing technical support. They are also prepared to re-evaluate solutions as conditions change.

Pingatore has seen the industry evolve from his early days in telephony to his current role as CEO of Packet Fusion, Mitel’s largest independent VAR. Over the years, Pingatore has expanded Packet Fusion’s scope and built a team with expertise in cloud, SD-WAN, UCaaS and Contact Center Solutions. His engineers are certified in the top industry solutions, including Mitel, 8×8, LogMeIn, Dialpad, Ring Central, Genesys and Talkdesk, to name a few.

“We go far beyond helping procure a cloud solution,” said Pingatore. “We ensure that customers’ applications, LAN and WAN are all compatible with the cloud. We also provide end-user and admin training, which increases adoption so our customers get the best return on their investment.”

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Since 2001, we’ve helped thousands of businesses navigate the complexities of meeting ever-changing demands on their businesses, become more agile, and control costs.

Packet Fusion is led by Chief Executive Officer Matt Pingatore, who, along with his team of industry veterans has been involved in the telephony industry through its transformation over the past 20 years. Together, they have helped thousands of customers find the right tools to unify their communications, from voice and VoIP to contact center and collaboration. Our advisory team has thousands of years of combined expertise, and we’re so certain that our approach works that we only charge clients for the project’s end-result.

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