What Is Unified Communications and Collaboration?

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) simply means helping your team function as a unit and bringing all communication—internally and externally—into one pane of glass. Implementing UCC in your company can encompass everything from video conferencing to desktop sharing to implementing a complete cloud-based telecommunications system.

Packet Fusion recognizes that UCC looks different for each company, so we take a customized approach with our services. As we work with you to better understand your business, we’ll find the right tools to bring unified communications and collaboration to your company.

The Best Unified Communications Solution for Your Company

Unified communications (UC) is about meshing your separate worksites, applications, and communication tools so your business operations are efficient and seamless. In practical terms, this is an employee using an application to answer a call from his cell phone while another uses the same application to answer a call from her desktop. UC also ensures that when customers contact your business, the employee responding from a satellite office has the same communication tools as an employee located at company headquarters.

3 Ways to Consume Unified Communications

Premise-Based UC

Locating your telecommunications on your company’s premise may be ideal for your business when you have a phone system with very specific integration requirements. If your company has a large IT department and the desire is to directly manage your telecommunications, premise-based UC will provide you greater control and flexibility over your telephony system.

Cloud-Based UC

Placing your communications in the cloud helps you cut costs while enabling scalability. Moving your telephony system to the cloud may be your best option if your business staffs a smaller IT department and has offices located remotely. Not only does the cloud reduce expenditures for hardware, but it also provides regular software upgrades across locations. If your company experiences seasonal peaks in business, the cloud offers the flexibility to integrate remote locations and a worker force as needed. Finally, the cloud provides your company important security features, such as secure data storage and redundancy for increased reliability if technical problems occur.

Hybrid-Based UC

Hybrid unified communications help you to experience the advantages of a cloud-based UC system and a premise-based UC system at the same time. This option benefits companies who have a central office as well as satellite locations. With hybrid UC, your business can choose which office locations will benefit financially from switching to the cloud and which locations are better served by your current telephony system. Continue to use premise-based technology for company headquarters, and seamlessly integrate off-site locations with the cloud.

Discover your company’s best option for unified communications and collaboration.

Fostering Team Collaboration

Collaboration improves productivity for your employees, whether they’re located in the same office or across the country. From implementing desktop sharing to expediting conference calls to instant messaging to close communication gaps, Packet Fusion can help your company install a single tool that allows everyone to work more efficiently and collaboratively, across time zones, even across oceans.

Instant Messaging (IM)

Instant messaging (IM) provides quick and instant communication between your team. Even when your workers are countries apart, this collaborative technology instantly connects them in real time, securely, allowing them to communicate using almost any device. IM can eliminate unnecessary emails, phone calls, and office visits and puts the power of connectivity into the hands of your team.

People do business with people, and nothing bridges the distance gap like video. Use video conferencing to expand the reach of your team meetings. Digital imaging can help collaboration on important projects and allow your team to meet new clients face-to-face or deliver company-wide presentations.

Ever wonder if a colleague is available? Presence tools allow you to quickly see who is available, at a glance. This is especially powerful for managers with team members scattered across the country or for direct reports in branch offices. Presence promotes efficiency by quickly viewing who is available—you’ll decrease unnecessary communication and avoid interrupting workflow.

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