Why it’s the right time to move to the cloud—especially if you are a government agency

Many government agencies have legacy systems, which are expensive to maintain. They are also hard to manage and it’s difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of changes, improvements and security. It can be costly to provide secure, compliant, unified communications, streamline processes, and keep pace with increasing public demand for more efficient and transparent operations.


But things are changing.


Today’s cloud technologies are saving government agencies money, helping them improve security and enabling them to deliver better solutions, faster.


For example, consider the Napa County Office of Education. They provide academic services and enrichment opportunities for students, teachers, and the community. They also deliver critical business services for school districts. Packet Fusion helped them replace their legacy communications system with a UCaaS solution. Moving to the cloud saved them the costly and time-consuming maintenance of their old, on-premise system, and enables them to be more connected to their community and organizations they serve. It also is compliant with state and federal regulations.


Cloud solutions help government agencies cost-effectively respond to emergencies, protect citizens, drive growth, enhance community services and connect agencies. Not only are cloud solutions cost-effective, but they’re reliable. The best providers deliver top-tier, fully redundant data centers nationwide. With hosted solutions all the infrastructure is owned, maintained and managed by the vendor, so agencies can focus their resources on their public service goals rather than managing their cloud solutions.



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