We are proof that good things happen when you do one thing really well.

Packet Fusion opened its doors as a Nortel distributor just before Nortel went under.

No one saw it coming. Not Nortel. Not the founders of Packet Fusion. Not Matt Pingatore, who bought into the company in 2001.

Half of the central offices in the U.S. were on the Nortel platform and it was inconceivable they could founder. Adding to Matt's problems was that he kept getting beaten by some Silicon Valley start-up technology.

The deciding moment came when Matt learned that he was going to lose yet another account, Nolo Press, to ShoreTel. His client at Nolo, Jeremy Rosebrook, said to him, "You need to pick up ShoreTel."

So Matt picked up ShoreTel, hired Jeremy to come work for him, and never looked back.

Ten years later, Packet Fusion has grown to 50 employees and over $20 million in revenue. Our customers include over 65 California municipalities, a host of educational institutions and government agencies, plus publicly-held and social networking companies. Three of the largest ShoreTel installations on earth call us for service. And we have won every award for sales, growth, and customer service that ShoreTel has ever handed out. Won them many times over.

A firm like ours -- one that sells a single product, and supports that product with 19 full-time engineers on staff -- doesn't really make sense on paper. Why specialize in an industry that promotes diversification? Why? Because if you do one thing -- and do it over and over and over again -- you become really good at it.

You become profitable.

You carry no debt.

Our success is based on a laser-focus that is more than rare in this industry -- it's nearly non-existent. We carry the only solution Cisco fears and stand behind it such that we have never failed to correct any issue we have serviced. Even if that means getting new code written for one client.

We pick up the phone when it rings. We answer emails within the hour. We are here to process service tickets all day long. If there's a problem, we fix it. We don't make excuses. We just make things right so our customers stay up and running.

We strive simply to make your life easier. Knowing that if we do this our company will grow right along with yours.

People are the answer

Picking a communications solution which adheres to a standard that won't be obsolete three years from now requires some consideration. Telecom companies don't make it any easier. They're all in a rush to obsolete themselves: Bring Your Own Device! Virtualize everything! Cloud! Cloud! Cloud!

We’ve heard it before. It’s the office of the future. It never arrives actually. It always appears to be hovering there, just above the horizon. But here's what we learned: the office of the future is people. The office of the past is people.

Your office of today? People.

People are the answer. Not machines.

What we do — what we have always done — is to map the ways in which your employees and clients and vendors communicate with each other, and assess weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in your communications infrastructure.

The goal is to find the least expensive, most reliable, easiest-to-maintain technology (and solutions) that protect your investment over their usable life.

The point of all of this technology is to free you up so you can move your businesses forward. Which is why we sell ShoreTel. And why we back it the most foolproof way we know. We apply the Golden Rule: "do unto others."

This impacts every aspect of our work. It means we read every email ever sent into service. We have standing calls every Monday and Tuesday to improve our service, our demeanor, our practices and our decorum. It’s a never-ending process. And one that has made us better.

It has also allowed us to become the largest ShoreTel VAR in the Western U.S. and ShoreTel’s “Partner of The Year,” four of the last six years.

On the other hand, everyone has trophy cases and award dinners in this industry. Nortel went bankrupt congratulating itself. Let's just say that if you are considering installing a new enterprise business communications system and are aware of the amount of time (and money) it takes to do so, then you should only be talking to vendors who are best-in-class.

ShoreTel Circle of Excellence 2014
We don't believe in leadership.
We believe in the best idea.

We live by the maxim "The Best Idea Wins."

Technology is like that. Sometimes things don’t work as planned and sometimes the solution is not intuitive. But if you create a culture in which novel ideas percolate upwards from every employee, you end up with a nearly unlimited supply of good ideas to draw from. And that's critical when the pressure is on, and when both our reputation, and our client’s business, are at stake.

Our company is less about job descriptions and more a continual game of King-of-The-Hill in technology. It’s business-as-sport, and we have staffed our roster with people who love to compete. Put a problem in play, and everyone – including the CEO – takes turns trying to fix it faster and better than anyone else.

If you do that, everyone is invested. Everyone gets to take part. And everyone's in it together.

There is no mahogany row at Packet Fusion. (But we do have a ping pong table.)

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Packet Fusion employs the highest quality people with the goal of providing the best support possible for our diverse consumer base.

We are always striving to strengthen and extend our in-house knowledge by hiring bright, creative individuals who share our passion and goals.

Our environment is full of spirit and cooperation and we encourage the exchange of information from top to bottom to maximize learning for everyone.

To apply for any of the currently positions we have available, please email cover letter & resume to resumes@packetfusion.com with the name of the of the position as the subject.

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Webinar: How Your Phone System Can Help Grow Your Business

Listen in on a re-broadcast where our CEO Matt Pingatore talks through the opportunities within your phone system that can help you grow your business.