You Know You Need to Get to the Cloud

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No-Charge Cloud Consulting Services

You know you need to move to the cloud. But when it comes execution, things get complicated. Cloud initiatives fail when organizations don’t have a practical, detailed path to success. Your transition doesn’t have to be that way.

Packet Fusion cloud consulting helps you decide exactly what you need, how to budget for it, and how you’ll reach the end result—all at no added cost. Our cloud consulting comes bundled with your project and we stay engaged throughout the entire process.

From IaaS to cloud telephony, contact center as a service, cloud-based Layer 7 applications and beyond, we’re here to educate you on what’s out there, what it costs, and how new technologies can improve your bottom line. Discover how a trusted cloud consultant can get you the results your business needs.

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Cloud Technology Insights Magazine Recognizes Packet Fusion as one of the Top 10 Cloud Communications Consulting Companies of 2019

What a Cloud Consultant Brings to Your Business

You’re constantly bombarded with marketing materials and promises that cloud communications will help transform your business. But there are over 400 Unified Communications vendors and dozens of different services. Figuring out where to start can be a serious challenge.

Cloud consultants shouldn’t come to you with a threatening tone, explaining that it’s urgent for you to move off your legacy PBX. At Packet Fusion, we’re here to provide pure, cost-free education. We want to help you understand why the cloud matters and which communications system will best suit your business needs.

Our cloud consulting isn’t just about phone systems. We consult on anything and everything in your communications infrastructure—telecom analysis, SD-WAN, contact center, collaboration, video and more. It’s our job to design and implement solutions for your goals, whether that means network improvement, cost savings, or anything in between.


The Packet Fusion Cloud Consulting Methodology

We provide a soup-to-nuts consulting service as part of any cloud project. To make sure we’re providing a customized process that gets you the best possible results, we follow an end-to-end methodology that delivers a path to the cloud with a vendor of your choice at a price point that fits your budget. Here’s an example of what a typical cloud consulting engagement might entail:

How Can Packet Fusion Help?

We’ve been helping clients design and implement communications solutions for over 25 years. And with more than 1,000 years of industry expertise, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully get you to the cloud.

We take a consultative approach to every client engagement and only ever charge you for the project’s end result. If you need to get to the cloud but aren’t sure how we can fill the gaps as a communications advocate with your best interests at heart. Reach out and let us know how we can help get you to the cloud.


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