Running an effective call center requires a unique blend of technological support and in-depth experience in contact center operations.

With Packet Fusion’s contact center experts, you gain a team with an extensive knowledge of telephony systems as well as your day-to-day challenges. Our deep understanding of call center metrics and the training it takes to improve them will empower your agents to increase customer satisfaction. Discover the call center services we offer below.

Call Center Solutions

Chose the Right Technology
Of all the contact center solutions on the market today, there’s only one platform that best suits your company. Packet Fusion lets your business objectives guide our selection of the right technology. With the right tool, you can decrease wait times, shorten wrap-up times, and boost customer satisfaction. Let us connect your contact center with powerful technology for multi-channel communication, CRM screen pops, and more.

Find the Best Platform

Elastic Workforce

Meet the Changing Needs of Customers
Call volumes aren’t static, and serving your customers means adapting to fluctuating customer demand in your contact center. When increased business creates abandoned calls and poor satisfaction, a modern contact center solution can let you leverage the power of remote agents. From metric analysis to guidance on technology, Packet Fusion helps your business effectively implement an elastic workforce. We also offer tailored training and support for your remote agents so you achieve optimal results.

Explore Elastic Workforce Services

Customer Journey Map

Better Your Customer Experience
Your customer journey map holds the key to better revenue for your business, and it’s vital that your call center supports delivery of the best possible customer experience. Before social media complaints reveal angry and dissatisfied customers, you can transform your contact center operations. Packet Fusion helps you understand your customers’ perspectives and improve their experience with your agents.

Improve the Customer Journey

Call Center Metrics

Let the Data Dictate
Understanding your call center metrics is crucial if you want to decrease turnover, create better onboarding, and correct behaviors that lead to dropped calls and other problems. Packet Fusion understands this challenge and helps contact centers improve agent performance with training that’s based upon intelligence gathered from metrics. We provide complimentary education, such as webinars and whitepapers, as well as customizable training.

Training and Support

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