The Genesys PureConnect™ application is the only all-in-one omnichannel contact center and communications solution recognized as a leader in on-premises markets. Get the richest set of capabilities—built from the ground up—to be certain you’re operating with maximum reliability, flexibility and control.

Simplify Management and Reduce Costs with a Genesys Call Center

Built on a simple, all-in-one architecture, the PureConnect application enables you to consolidate call center and business communications infrastructures. Because PureConnect was developed on an open and standards-based architecture, it easily provides high performance for small to mid-sized businesses while integrating with external data and features.

Unifying communications across your company reduces complexity, simplifies administration, improves efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership.

Read how this contact center outsourcer saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with PureConnect.

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Adapt to Changing Business Requirements

Adapting to rapidly changing business requirements is more important than ever.

The PureConnect application offers the broadest and deepest set of omnichannel and business communications solutions, built from the ground up to interoperate on a single platform. Because it’s based on a microservices architecture, capabilities aren’t interdependent, so a single error won’t devastate the whole system. Use features selectively based on your needs and add new capabilities quickly and easily as your business grows. PureConnect also integrates seamlessly with all your systems, including CRM systems from Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft, as well as various workforce management tools and communications systems.

Customize to Meet Specific Contact Center Demands

PureConnect is extremely flexible and can handle any routing or team requirements. Modify solutions, services and how you pay to meet your unique business needs, today and in the future.

  • Choose the tools and resources you need for your business. Don’t pay for
    tools you don’t use.
  • Scale up and down to meet seasonal fluctuations and navigate the peaks and valleys of your business.
  • Migrate to the cloud on your terms and when you’re ready—the same great features are available.

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