Interactive Intelligence

TGenesys and Interactive Intelligence Group Inc: History

In 2016, Genesys, with headquarters in Daly City near San Francisco, California, announced that it had made a new acquisition. It had purchased Interactive Intelligence, a customer engagement and data service company based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The acquisition of Interactive Intelligence provided key data and support capabilities to the Genesys launch of its best-in-class customer experience tech, recognized by leading industry analysts of the time. With the highly complementary solutions portfolios now combined, Genesys supports any-sized customers in all industries, everywhere in the world, with impressive contact center support solutions that are available in the cloud or on-premise.

Today, Genesys leads the market as an experience as a service (EAAS) provider company, with enterprise contact center solutions that are trusted by more than 7000 companies in over 100 countries across the world.

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Why Genesys and Interactive Intelligence?

Genesys completed the Interactive Intelligence developed telecommunications software and cloud computing, with unified communications (UC) solutions for contact centers and voice over IP (VoIP) companies, as well as process automation.

The Genesys complete customer experience platform helps companies to create great business outcomes and lasting relationship, with Interactive Intelligence as a great addition to an already solid leadership in the customer engagement market.

Interactive Intelligence

Channel Partner Packet Fusion is Your Genesys/Interactive Intelligence Partner

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Genesys and Interactive Intelligence Group Inc: Future

Sustainable Customer Engagement Matters

In December of 2020, Genesys announced the launch of what they call “the future of digital customer engagement.” The new Genesys digital business unit builds on the Genesys core market leadership in customer experience and AI. Then, as recently as June 15, 2021, Genesys put out a press release announcing the company’s commitment to a sustainable future for positive impact in the communities where we work and live. The accompanying report outlined Genesys’ plan to establish more sustainable business and communications practices through environment, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and sets goals for making a positive impact in the world.

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