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Mitel Support

Your Mitel Experts

ShoreTel support is one of those things that we often don’t think about until we need it.

At Packet Fusion, we connect the dots to the best enterprise communications solutions available today. Whether you are looking for a business phone system, contact center or UCaaS, if you’re considering moving to Mitel, you’ve come to the right place.

We go beyond simply helping you procure a solution. We take the time to conduct a thorough needs analysis and work with you and your teams to ensure you select the right solution, then we implement it on time and on budget.

Once your solution is up and running, we deliver initial training and ongoing education, because we know the importance of training to ensure you get the most out of your investment. End-user training provides a customized live session for contact center agents and supervisors, knowledge workers, salespeople and business users. Admin/supervisor training focuses on managing the environment.

Helping CA State Agencies Since 2001

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Proven Mitel Expertise

  • #1 Mitel Partner of the Year 5 out of 8 years.
  • We are Mitel Certified at the Platinum level, Mitel’s highest designation
  • TACs in California (Pleasanton and Irvine) and Austin, Texas
  • Mitel / ShoreTel Connect Premise expertise
  • Mitel UCaaS (Cloud) Connect expertise
  • Mitel Flex (Hybrid) expertise

In fact, last year we were selected as one of CIO Applications’ Top Mitel Solution Providers.

We have you covered with Mitel solutions in all cloud and premise-based scenarios.

Our Mitel Customers with more than 1,000 lines

Expert Support with Packet Fusion

Technical Assistance Center

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Support
  • 2 hour emergency response
  • Average answer – 2 minutes
  • Tier 1 & Tier II
  • Live Answer 6:00AM to 5:00 PM PST
  • 1st Call Resolution (attempt)
  • All Employees in the U.S.


  • Proactive Monitoring (Kaseya)
  • Connect Alarms / Windows Alarms
  • Configuration Back Ups
  • Software Release information
  • Secure Remote Access


  • Upgrades – No Charge (SW & Labor)
  • Software Updates – No Charge
  • Dedicated Upgrade Team: PM & Engineers
  • 200+ Upgrades Annually


  • Advanced Replacement of all hardware
  • Phones can be added if desired
  • Packet Fusion has inventory for same day replacement if required

Packet Fusion Managed Service

  • Outsource ShoreTel Help Desk to PFI. Full time or part time. Transparent to your end user.
  • Provides the day to day operational support to offload tasks such as system administration, change management and remote MAC functions.
  • Packet Fusion Managed VoIP services includes (in addition to PFI Standard Offer)
  • Enhanced Monitoring
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Configuration Management
  • 3rd Party Vendor and Carrier Management
  • Service Escalation Manager
  • Problem Management w/ Root Cause Analysis
  • System Admin (Discretionary Work)
  • Remote MACD (Moves / Adds / Changes / Database)

What is Mitel Connect?

When we talk Mitel Connect, we’re usually referring to the Mitel Connect Client for Mobile Devices but the engine that facilitates the UCC functionality of Mitel Connect is the back-end server component.


The Mitel Connect Client is a software tool suite that runs on mobile devices, giving them a full set of Unified Communications and Collaboration functionality.

The client replaces the MiVoiceConnect Client for iOS and the MiVoice Connect client for Android and is available through the Apple App Store for iOS device users and Google Play for Android device users.

The phone functionality provides all of the amenities you’d get when using your desktop business phone:

  • Enterprise phone system call functionality via corporate Wi-Fi or corporate phone system
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer

But because the client runs on mobile devices you get additional functionality such as:

  • Visual voicemail
  • One-click meeting joining
  • Secure Remote Connection
  • Dynamic switching from the enterprise Wi-Fi and your cellular channel when the Wi-Fi connection becomes undependable or unavailable

Regarding enterprise data options, the Connect client supports:

  • Video conferencing
  • Availability status (“presence)”
  • Instant Messaging
  • Corporate contacts
  • Recent call list

In a nutshell, the Mitel Connect Client for Mobile Devices gives users all of the functionality they’d have at their desk on a mobile device. All of this functionality requires the Mitel Connect backend server component.



The Mitel Connect server component is the engine that provides all of the enterprise-level UCC functionality that the Mitel Connect Client has access to:

  • Enterprise phone communications
  • Visual voicemail
  • Video-conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Secure Remote Connection
  • Availability status
  • Corporate contact list

The server comes in both on-site and Cloud-based implementations. MiVoice Connect is the on-site version. MiCloud Connect is the Cloud-based version. Both are robust enterprise-level phone systems that provide:

  • Full Unified Communications and Collaboration functionality
  • Redundancy
  • Mobile device integration (through the Mitel Connect Client for Mobile Devices)
  • High-scalability
  • Integration with third-party enterprise apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Office


Some of the functionality made available to the Mitel Connect Client is not available to the Mitel Sky Mobility Client, such as:

  • Availability status
  • Video-conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Visual voicemail

So if you’re still using the Sky Mobility Client, you’ll have to migrate to the Mitel Connect platform to get all of the functionality the new Connect Client provides.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to use the power of Mitel Connect to improve your team’s ability to collaborate, we’re ready to help.

ShoreTel and Migrating to Mitel’s Connect platform

Mitel will be supporting ShoreTel 14.2 software, Enterprise Contact Center and Mobility 8 until September 30, 2020.

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