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Packet Fusion began as a small Nortel reseller in the late 1990s, but things began to change in 2001. That date marked the year Matt Pingatore joined Packet Fusion. A background in telephony sales and a drive to lead landed Matt at the helm of Packet Fusion as CEO and owner. It was an event that would transform us from a company focused on one telephony solution to a consultative partner serving clients with a variety of technologies and support services.

Sensing a shift in the marketplace from Nortel and seeing a rising star in ShoreTel, Matt brought Packet Fusion into a new era of VoIP. Superior technology coupled with our ability to adapt empowered us to surpass expectations. Since 2007, Packet Fusion has garnered six Partner of the Year awards and eight Circle of Excellence awards, tangible proof of our ability to help clients meet business objectives no matter their needs. Despite all the accolades, Packet Fusion’s real success remains seeing our hundreds of clients benefit from better communication and VoIP solutions.

Our industry hasn’t remained stagnant, and neither have we. As the communications landscape continues to shift, businesses need unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools, call center technology and training, elastic workforce capabilities, and more. Packet Fusion meets these changes with thought leadership, knowing your business growth will write the next chapter in our story.

Ultimately, the Packet Fusion story isn’t about how many awards we’ve won and the goals we’ve accomplished. Our story is about you and how we grow and change to meet the needs you have.


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Our Dedication Can Be Your Competitive Edge

While Packet Fusion offers everything from managed services to IP networking, our company’s roots are deep in human communication. Since 2001, we’ve simplified communication for businesses with our knowledge of their goals and the solutions they need to stay competitive.

Today, Packet Fusion recognizes businesses need to unify communications both internally with collaboration and externally with contact centers. We also know that businesses now look to the cloud for simplicity, cost efficiency, and agility. To increase your productivity and decrease your downtime, we have more than 21 certified engineers who log thousands of hours each month to help you grow.

There’s no need to predict the future. Packet Fusion thinks, plans, and acts on information that is shaping the communication industry. Even when others don’t recognize industry shifts, Packet Fusion helps you make important transitions before it’s too late. To make your business communication clearer, we continue to expand our horizons to include a variety of communication solutions and broaden our expertise in different technological platforms. Our dedication is your competitive edge.

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We may say that your story is our story, but that’s only half the picture. In reality, Packet Fusion’s success story is written by your customers.

After all, your business is driven by what your customers want and need, and the only way to serve your company is to empower you to make your customers happy—that’s our promise to you.

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