Packet Fusion Security Readiness Assessment

To what extent is your network and data secure and prepared? That is the question that deserves your immediate attention.

Packet Fusion, a trusted cloud and security advisor, is here to help. We collaborate with IT and business leaders to evaluate your current security posture. Our proprietary methodology enables us to assess, identify, source, and implement a tailored security solution that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. With Packet Fusion, you can proactively address your security needs and ensure comprehensive protection for your network and data.

The Security Assessment covers a broad range of services, from managed firewalls and IDPS to DDoS Mitigation and SIEM. Leading solutions analyze behavior to detect ever-changing threats, communicate with multiple systems to provide a comprehensive view of the environment, and include 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) support for event notification and remediation.

How the Packet Fusion Security Assessment works:

  • Fill out the Security Assessment Questionnaire (link below).
  • A Packet Fusion security consultant will contact you to discuss goals and desired outcomes from the Security Assessment.
  • Using our proprietary Cyber Defense Matrix, we will identify gaps and vulnerabilities within your network and assess the level of exposure to potential cyber threats.
  • You receive a detailed review of your security landscape, highlighting vulnerabilities and gaps to address. This report will also enable key stakeholders to stay informed about your organization’s cybersecurity status, which can facilitate better decision-making regarding integrating security measures into daily operations.

Shortcut The Complicated And Time-Consuming Process Of Doing This Alone.

Why work with a security advisor?

The Security as Service marketplace is more confusing and crowded than ever. Trying to assess your organization’s needs, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and find suitable security solutions and vendors on your own, can be a time-consuming and complicated job.

Alternatively, you can simplify the process by working with a security advisor who can minimize risk and potential points of failure by providing expert guidance and expertise. A security advisor helps assess your security needs, pinpoint weaknesses, and identify appropriate security solutions and vendors at competitive prices. As a result, you can streamline the security readiness planning process and improve your security posture more efficiently.