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Is There Really a Secret Sauce?

Providing VoIP communication solutions and contact center support isn’t as complicated as some companies would like you to think.

Experience Our Approach


Many times, contact center managers know they aren’t getting enough information from their call center metrics. The raw data is there, but leveraging all the reporting capabilities of their contact center software can be challenging; sometimes managers need tools to transform metrics into powerful analytics.

When a host of unified communication companies are clamoring for your attention, it can be difficult to distinguish between a team that meets your needs and a company that offers typical—but mediocre—services. The partner you choose can mean the difference between remaining stagnant or expanding corporate communication and business through better unified communications and collaboration. If you’re wondering how Packet Fusion can solve your challenges, you should know that what makes us special isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t have a fancy name—it’s simply hard work combined with expertise.

Deep Experience

For over 15 years, Packet Fusion has provided telephony and communications systems and support that bridge the gap between internal and external communications across a variety of industries. Each month, more than 21 certified engineers invest more than 3,300 hours in communication projects that empower businesses to meet their goals. When you partner with us, you’ll gain an edge with our deep experience.

Flexible Approach to VoIP Solutions

Whether you run a contact center or educational institution, your unique business requirements will dictate the solutions and support you’ll need. Packet Fusion is deeply aware that solving your challenges requires listening to your needs, learning your business, and observing your company. Whether you’re searching for unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technology or a contact center, we’ll take a flexible approach that builds our strategy around your goals.

Ability to Craft the Best Solution

When you’re busy running a contact center or spearheading a complex business project, it’s difficult to allocate the time—and energy—to find the communications services you need. Shift this responsibility to Packet Fusion, and rely on our expertise in VoIP solutions, IT networking services, contact center training, and more. Using our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, we’ll craft a solution that impacts your day-to-day operations.

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Finding guidance for your contact center, telephony network infrastructure, or communication solution—whether premise or cloud or both—can be challenging enough. That’s why you need a partner with something more than knowledge—you need experts who know your needs, speak your language, and understand your challenges. Connect with a team that offers a rare combination of hard work and experience and knows, firsthand, where you’re at and what you need.

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A Deep Bench of Experts

More than 21 engineers capably manage the challenges of a variety of businesses. Each year, our engineers clock over 35,000 hours empowering different industries with communication solutions. From better IP networks to improved call center metrics, the Packet Fusion team has the ability to help you overcome technological hurdles.

Specialized Contact Center Knowledge

No longer deal with the frustrations of a telephony company that doesn’t understand contact center challenges. Our knowledge of both technologies is backed by an extensive contact center background. Whether you want to implement an agile workforce or improve the customer journey map, you’ll benefit from our dual expertise.

Managed Services for Differing Needs

Even within an industry, no two companies have the same exact needs, advantages, and obstacles. With Packet Fusion, you’ll choose from a spectrum of support options. With our managed services, companies like yours find freedom from yearly upgrades, gain extra telephony IT support, and more.

The Secret Ingredient—That Isn’t So Secret

Our secret ingredient is also known as relentless hard work. We combine our extensive tech knowledge with our deep understanding of the solutions we provide to create a plan for each client to order…this is how we help you serve your customers.

At Packet Fusion, we know that technology isn’t the answer. It’s simply the tool we use to help you meet the needs of your customers.

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