Shoretel Director

ShoreTel Shoreware Director Phone System Details Explained

For a unique system management control experience that lets your administrators control all of your enterprise phones, your ShoreTel Shoreware Director provides a single management interface for voice and collaboration applications across all of your locations. The inclusive platform allows your admin to set permissions and manage your applications from a simple interface. ShoreTel Shoreware Director is an easy-to-use, browser-based network management tool. Its intuitive, its all-in-one capabilities allow you to handle much of your system from a single view.

When you add a phone to your network, ShoreTel Mitel phone system software synchronizes your accounts automatically, making installation and deployment simple. Just plug your phone into your network, ShoreTel Director should find it and add it to your system. Then, as part of your enterprise network, you can easily and centrally manage this and all phones. All ShoreTel IP phones can be also be updated automatically to simplify management and maintenance.

Packet Fusion LogoPacket Fusion can help with your entire system, from the strategic planning of your cloud digital transformation to ensuring that your ShoreTel phones, trunking, voice switches, IP PBX, mobility routers, and edge gateway are functioning properly. We can also make sure that your desktop and mobile device users have access to the best in business collaboration apps. Contact us for ShoreTel Shoreware Director support, and for any ShoreTel service or replacement options.

Voice Switches – ShoreTel ST Series

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE typically features a central deployment of ShoreTel ST series voice switches, the 5th generation of ShoreTel’s pioneering approach to VoIP architecture. These appliances deliver the link between your IP network and local telephone companies. ShoreTel voice switches provide control of your routing tables and database calls. Available for PRI, analog trunking, or SIP in either solid-state hardware or as virtualized switches running on your X86 compliant server, ShoreTel ST Series voice switches deliver.

With 2 stage upgrades, 500-port IP switches, built-in conference ports, and USB ports for extended logging, the switches run on Linux DVS and are interoperable with Windows DVS. They also have an OVA image for virtual machine deployment. The ShoreTel software includes your operating system. Installation happens via a single application server, so one server is all you’ll ever need for your entire ShoreTel system, regardless of the size of your organization or number of locations. With just one server, you’ll run ShoreTel Connect Director and the ShoreTel Connect desktop app for network administration software.

Cloud ConsultantsAs with all ShoreTel phone systems, reach out to us at Packet Fusion for help with ShoreTel Shoreware Director. Secure protocols are employed by ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Apps, sending only the required information to enable Connect Hybrid services via secure http (https) from your on-premises system to Connect Cloud. Then your Connect Hybrid Apps makes a connection to the Connect Cloud portal and uploads your user data from Connect Director to assign Connect Hybrid Apps services to your users. Changes to data within Connect Director are automatically provided to the ShoreTel Connect Cloud Portal once activated.

Help to Provision ShoreTel Mitel Phone Systems at New Locations

Want to expand your phone system capabilities beyond your walls? We can assist as you provision additional locations. You can simply add a voice switch to manage your phones at your new branch or corporate office location. The peer-to-peer connectivity used by ShoreTel distributes intelligence needed for your phone system across all of your installed devices, for multi-site phone systems to work as a single system. You simply manage by a single web interface. Easy to use and manage architecture for enormous deployments remains easy to install, control, and maintain. Contact us for ShoreTel phone system support, service, or replacement options.  

Your end-to-end phone system solution, including ShoreTel ST Series phone and trunk switches and choice of phone models, including:

·     IP 655: designed for both business conference calling and executive use

·     IP 485g: including a color display

·     BB424: your operator button box

·     ShoreTel Dock: designed to convert iOS mobile devices into full-featured desk phones

·     930D portable DECT phone with charger

·     IP 420: provides basic phone capabilities

·     IP 480: general office capabilities

·     IP 480g: general office capabilities

Overview of the ShoreTel Edge Gateway

As work from home grows, Packet Fusion can help you implement changes to or upgrades for your ShoreTel Edge Gateway for improved access to your ShoreTel Connect business phone system by your remote workers. Using your highly secure ShoreTel Edge Gateway means that those employees working from home or working from anywhere don’t need a VPN to use ShoreTel Connect. They can also use any IP 400 series phones, or the ShoreTel Connect ONSITE Interaction Center application without the need to launch a VPN.  Your ShoreTel Edge Gateway is Web RTC compatible, too. As a virtual appliance, it’s easily managed through your ShoreTel Connect Director.

If you’re experiencing any challenges with a ShoreTel Edge Gateway, Packet Fusion is your cloud and phone system consultant. As a top distributor of ShoreTel systems, we have the experience to help you deliver and maintain the secure, work from home and work from anywhere experience that you and your employees depend on. Contact us to learn more!

Contact us for ShoreTel Director assistance or for any ShoreTel support, service, or replacement options.