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ShoreTel Login Assistance and Other Support

If you need login or password assistance with your business communications system or advice and support for any of your ShoreTel products, we can help. Please call or contact us for support if you are experiencing difficulties.

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Business Phone and Contact Center Assistance

Or if your business or contact center system isn’t working well, it may be a sign that you need assistance. At Packet Fusion, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional user experience by enabling your business with the right solution (on premises or cloud) for end-to-end business communications continuity.

Though ShoreTel was purchased by Mitel in 2017, you may need service on your existing system, or support for things like . Upgrading to a different Mitel product or getting top-notch service for your business phone system are easy when you work with us at Packet Fusion. If you are in need of a partner to support your continued business transformation, search no more. Visit our support page or send us an email.

As your top ShoreTel distributors, Packet Fusion is your reliable source for support on-premises, cloud, or hybrid products to enable unified communications. We can assist you as you sign on and also provide upgrades or replacement products for the best systems for:

· Call transfers

· Extension dialing

· Conference calling

…and many additional business communications features like email and instant messaging, right from your system handsets and your mobile devices. We want to be sure that you get the most from your system to support your team.

Unified Communications (UC) Features

When you are able to properly enter your login and password to access your system, then help your team to access the collaborative, unified communications (UC) features that can support and transform the way that they work, with features like:

· Instant messaging

· Email

· Audio and web conferencing

· Video calling

· Web desktop sharing

ShoreTel Mitel Business Communications Systems

We know you probably love your system – especially as a unified communications platform. It makes call routing and event scheduling easier and delivers the same collaborative experiences to your external clients via the ShoreTel Connect web collaboration app for its automatic opening on your customers’ desktops during your online appointments. Upgrading to a Mitel product or servicing your existing ShoreTel system is a breeze with Packet Fusion. Contact us for support or replacement assistance for your ShoreTel products.

Your End-to-End Cloud Services for UCaaS

As managed unified communications as a service (UCaaS), ShoreTel Mitel systems can serve as efficient, end-to-end cloud business phone solutions. If you have done a search for solutions and tried to enter your login and password but cannot get access, or if you are experiencing any other technical or service issues, Packet Fusion can provide support. We are here with the best customer service for Connect system phones, installation, and service your communications system components without disrupting your service. Contact us for support anytime. We can also communicate via email or voice.

Upgrades, Service, and Provisioning

Your existing, legacy business phone system is likely nearly plug-and-play and was likely very easy to deploy.

Now that Mitel owns ShoreTel, Packet Fusion is your top source for support and upgrades. We are happy to manage everything and act as your company’s unified communications IT department. As your cloud consultants, we will ensure that moving to the cloud is a positive experience for you, your team, and your clients.

Enter a Request for Support or Service

Enter a support ticket, or just give us a call. Once we resolve any remaining login issues, we can help you to scale up or scale down as needed to accommodate your newest locations or seasonal staffing changes, or other business impacts. We’ll make sure that it is easy for you and your team to get the product upgrades or service that you need. Just contact us for support and enter a request for assistance with any of your phone system products.