Shoretel Support – have you outgrown your current VAR?

Are you dependent on a single engineer that may or may not be on vacation?
Has your ShoreTel Support VAR abandoned the premise ShoreTel Market?
We can help, by providing ShoreTel support you can count on to keep your enterprise communications up and running so your teams can get things done.


ShoreTel support is one of those things you might not think about until you need it.

But then you get a “the ShoreTel phones are down” email from sales staff unable to call their prospects—or from the contact center manager whose support center just went silent.

That’s when you need a ShoreTel customer support partner you can reach at any time – a trusted advisor who can troubleshoot the problem and get your phones back up quickly.

Packet Fusion has been the #1 ShoreTel/Mitel Partner of the Year for five out of eight years, we currently support 550 ShoreTel customers, and have 27 Certified Mitel Engineers on staff.

But we’re most proud of what our customers think about us. One way that is gauged is with a Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer satisfaction. Our NPS is 83—higher than Apple or Starbucks. To us, that means we are going above and beyond to make certain our customers are highly satisfied.

We Can Help

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