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What Is Team Collaboration?

On average, how many emails do you receive and exchange with your coworkers around a single project? How much time does it normally take to consolidate all the communication and files around a project or client? If your answers make you cringe, you should consider updating your collaboration tools.

Team collaboration is when people use technology to communicate more efficiently and work together to accomplish shared goals. It is best seen when teams are able to share documents remotely, spin up video conferencing from any device, and approve projects through secure applications.

Collaboration tools can also provide workflows so team members can discuss, update, review and obtain approvals. This serves to hold team members accountable and make it easy to track progress through task checklists and shared calendars. The overall benefit is more streamlined processes and higher productivity.

Discover how advanced collaboration tools call spur productivity within your teams.


The modern workforce demands the ability to work from any location, from any device, at any time. They want their connections to be quick, fast and secure without the hassle of logging into multiple devices and applications. From implementing desktop sharing to expediting conference calls to instant messaging to close communication gaps, Packet Fusion can help your company install a single tool that allows everyone to work more efficiently and collaboratively, across time zones, even across oceans.

There are hundreds of collaboration tools out there, and when evaluating them the most important criteria is whether they are a fit for your business and your unique processes. To determine that, it’s important to start with the people and the processes you want to support. You can bring the most advanced, creative tools on board, but if they don’t support how your people actually work, they won’t be used.

We seek to understand how your business operates, the functions your collaboration tools are supporting, so we can help you select the right solutions that improve their work experience, get their jobs done and get your organization on track to achieving your goals faster and more efficiently.

Fostering Team Collaboration

Click the individual collaboration links below to learn more about the specific benefits and features.

Instant messaging (IM) provides quick and instant secure communication with your team across multiple geographies. IM collaborative technology instantly connects team members in real time, allowing individuals and teams to communicate from any device. IM can eliminate unnecessary emails, phone calls, and office visits and puts the power of connectivity into the hands of your team.

People do business with people, and nothing bridges the distance gap like video. Use video conferencing to expand the reach of your team meetings, company-wide presentations or screen shares.

Ever wonder if a colleague is available? Presence tools allow you to quickly see who is available, at a glance. This is especially powerful for managers with team members in different locations. Decrease unnecessary communication and avoid interrupting workflow.

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