Video Conferencing Makes for Better Distance Business Communications

We talk with people every day, but how do we know we’re truly communicating and actively listening to each other?

Traditional telephone-based conference calls are unable to capture the art of the conversation. The visual cues of facial expressions, body language and human inference only happen during face-to-face conversations. Not all is lost.

Video conferencing enables employees who work remotely or based in different offices around the globe to remain in their respective locations as well as add flexibility to meeting schedules and (best of all) add immediate value to the art of human conversation that can only be captured in face-to-face conversations.

Selecting Video Conferencing Equipment

For companies that choose to set up video conferencing rooms, there are many considerations when looking at video conferencing equipment.

First, determine the state of your current network. Video conferencing will affect the additional traffic across your local network and Internet connection. Make any necessary changes and updates to your network in advance.

Also, evaluate the number of sites you want covered and which conference rooms in each location before you start looking for video conferencing equipment. Take a look at how employees meet, whether meetings are short or long, involve just a few people or dozens, and whether they are scheduled in advance or spontaneous. Also, if outside vendors, partners and customers are important, consider if their systems are compatible with yours.

Packet Fusion can help you sort through the many options out there, select the right equipment for your needs, and we will install and support your solution. Our Support Engineers are available to assist customers 24/7 for urgent or critical issues, and our support portal provides more resources. It’s a convenient way to:

  • Submit support cases and review your engineer’s notes or findings
  • Access a self-service knowledge base
  • Download system documentation about your specific solution
  • And more!

Human Communication is Still Human

Studies show that 55% of our total communication is delivered by body language, 38% by vocal signals and the last slim 7% is delivered by words. The reality is that communication is rarely the message spoken, rather than the message received. What telephones, devices and technology cannot bring to the “human” conversation, video can.

Imagine this, you are sitting around a boardroom table with five other colleagues. You have just purchased a new company and the team is located in a different state. You now have to figure out how to connect and work with your new team. Without seeing their body language, facial expressions and human interaction, your ability to get work done may suffer from the lack of in-person connection. The value of video conferencing can play an essential role in bringing together a new or virtually unknown workforce. At the end of the day, human communication still matters.

Peter Drucker quote

Not all video conferencing options are created equal. Sound, lighting and clarity can be frustrating if the conditions are less than stellar.

The new, cloud-enabled video conferencing enables teams to utilize HD video calls from a preferred device or from any location that can connect to the internet. For the user, the human element of face-to-face communication provides a more natural experience, and for the administrator, deploying and managing a cloud solution is easier and more secure than ever before. It’s truly a win-win combination that adds value and cost savings to any organization. With Lifesize video conferencing, you find simplicity, security and scalability all in one platform.

Video Conferencing gives you a meeting experience like no other. Thousands of businesses around the world use it to achieve better connections and reap the benefits of instant collaboration. If you are considering video conferencing, it’s time to take a look at what makes sense for your business.

Video Conferencing Is All About the Experience

Maybe you already utilize video conferencing and want to see if there is a better method, or perhaps you have never initiated this format before. Either way, your first step is to evaluate your needs. The nice thing about a cloud-based solution is that as your needs change, you can easily scale up or down to match.

Integrating Video with Voice, Network and Collaboration Tools

Integrating Video with VoiceFrom mobile-to-mobile exchanges to large auditorium gatherings, certain video conferencing tools deliver one solution for businesses to simply connect people — from anywhere, any room and any device.

We know collaboration drives imagination, productivity and efficiency, which yields success. One of the most critical factors in driving adoption and use is simplicity.

What people like about the Lifesize video conferencing product is the ease in which IT enables employees to connect and collaborate effectively through one provider and one product. With video, web and audio conferencing, chat and the ability to stream and record meetings, the Lifesize product and apps allow for different types of communication for a full, rich “room” experience. This cloud-based service is also secure and scalable, working seamless with other integration apps and platforms like Skype, ShoreTel/Mitel and Extreme Networks.

Integrating Video with Voice, Network and Collaboration Tools

Features to Consider When Choosing A Video Conferencing Tool:

  • Calendar integrations
  • Integrated search-based directory
  • Live Stream and Record and Share
  • Unlimited audio-only calls
  • Unlimited guest invitations
  • Web conferencing

Which Type of Video Conferencing is Right for You?

There are many different flavors of video conferencing services, but the majority fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Traditional On-Premises Video Conferencing – Heavy on the hardware and hard on the wallet. Focused on high quality hardware and require the most support from IT and outside integrators.
  • Web Conferencing – Think of these like an upgraded audio conference call that allows the speaker to share their presentation and their face.
  • Meet-Me Video Services – Conferencing that doesn’t require scheduling. The process for connecting to a meet-me video meeting is similar to a web conference—dial into a shared meeting space and wait for the moderator to connect and start the call.
  • Cloud Video Conferencing – Cloud video conferencing is the easiest solution to deploy and use. The call experience is centered on a shared company directory and business-class solutions are typically higher in quality, more secure and, because there are no hefty hardware costs. This truly harnesses the power of all traditional video conferencing methods into one, secure platform.

Working with a conscientious team that understands your business needs and priorities is essential in choosing the right service for your organization. Additional considerations across lines of business or departments such as: HR and Training, IT solutions, Marketing and Sales, Engineering and Research can impact overall business conferencing requirements.

Video Conferencing Benefits

Video Conferencing Requirements to Consider:

  • How many locations do we need to connect?
  • How many employees will use the service?
  • How many meeting rooms need to be video-enabled?
  • What types of devices does the solution need to support?
  • How technical is our user base?
  • What are some must-have features for our video solution?

Answering these questions will allow you to find the solution that is best for your workplace and clients. There are many options on the market, determining the best fit will give you optimal results.

The art of connecting people to create a positive work environment is something that we understand. Video conferencing solutions have been designed to meet the demands of today’s modern enterprise yet fully accessible to businesses of any size.

Are you ready to see if video conferencing meets your criteria and want to give it a try for free? With a Guided Tour, you will get a feel for the Lifesize experience from your desktop to the meeting room. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Packet Fusion. Just click the button below to schedule an appointment today.

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