A ShoreTel support provider is an expert that provides support for Shortel hardware and software.

When you have issues with your ShoreTel phones, ShoreTel Connect, ShoreTel routers, etc., you need a technical support provider to get things fixed.

But beyond just fixing broken ShoreTel systems, a ShoreTel support provider is a partner to help you proactively keep your telephony systems up and running by:

  • Monitoring your ShoreTel systems 24×7 to identify problems before they affect business;
  • Configuring back-ups;
  • Implementing software updates;
  • Replacing hardware when it goes bad.


What is a ShoreTel Support Contract?

While any business experiencing issues with ShoreTel phone systems or ShoreTel hardware or software can call a ShoreTel support provider for help, the best way to ensure that any issues you experience get addressed quickly – and the only way to get proactive support like monitoring and software updates – is to enter into a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) with a support provider.

Each SLA contract is different but having such an agreement will ensure you the best support for your ShoreTel solutions.

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What Should I Expect from My ShoreTel Support Provider?

At a high level, your ShoreTel Support SLA should cover the following:

  • Technical Assistance Center (“TAC”) terms,
  • Updates and upgrades,
  • Monitoring,
  • Warranty terms.

ShoreTel Support Technical Assistance Center

What is a Technical Assistance Center? The Technical Assistance Center, aka “TAC”, is your helpdesk for all things ShoreTel. It’s the group of experts that you call when you have a problem with your ShoreTel system – if your phones go down, your ShoreTel Contact Center solution won’t route calls properly, etc.

The TAC portion of your SLA should outline:

  • Support hours (make sure your support provider offers 24/7/365 support if that’s what your operation needs),
  • Support levels (Tier I, Tier II, etc.),
  • Live Answer hours;
  • ShoreTel Certified Engineers with CCNA or higher network certifications.

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ShoreTel System Updates and Upgrades

One of the primary benefits of partnering with a ShoreTel support provider is having the assurance that your ShoreTel system will get the necessary software updates and upgrades needed to keep your ShoreTel system up-to-date, secure, and running as it should be.

At the very least, your ShoreTel support SLA should address:

  • Upgrades – are Full Release and Feature Release included or is there a charge?
  • Software updates –is installation included in the agreement or is there a charge?
  • The structure of the team who will provide service – will there be a PM to manage the project, along with an engineer to do the work, or will there just be a level 1 technician?

ShoreTel System Monitoring

Another benefit of partnering with a ShoreTel support provider is that your support provider can monitor your systems and address issues as soon as the system fires an alarm.

This means less time wasted having to find and contact support since your support provider will be monitoring the alarms and will know immediately if there is an issue.

And 24/7/365 response to emergency issues.

ShoreTel Hardware Warranty Support

Hardware failure can bring your entire business to a halt. Your customers cannot reach your call center. Speedy hardware replacement is of the utmost importance.

Your ShoreTel support partner should provide you with immediate access to a wide range of hardware and parts that can get your business up and running ASAP.

The ShoreTel Hardware Warranty Support portion of your SLA should address:

  • Whether there are any charges for ShoreTel network equipment that goes bad while under warranty;
  • Whether ShoreTel phones are part of the agreement;
  • Whether same-day replacement is available.

How Does the Mitel Acquisition Affect your ShoreTel Solution?

Mitel acquired ShoreTel in 2017 and their product roadmap is underscored by ShoreTel Connect technology. So your investment in ShoreTel is still sound as long as you transition to ShoreTel Connect. You can expect support and future enhancement as long as you are under a support agreement with a ShoreTel support provider.

Packet Fusion can help you extend the life of your ShoreTel investment. If you’re looking for a ShoreTel support provider that you can count on, let’s talk.

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